Manhattan Condos for Sale Near Medical facilities in Clinton

The hospitals and research centers in this neighborhood are world-class and help make it one of the most unique in the borough.

NameAddressNearby STU fromNearby 1 BR fromNearby 2 BR fromNearby 3 BR from
American Friends Laniado Hosp18 West 45th Street$850,000$1,150,000$2,150,000$10,450,000
Areba Casriel Institute500 West 57th Street$250,000$1,150,000$1,350,000$3,100,000
Medical Arts Center57 West 57th Street$1,900,000$1,000,000$1,650,000$5,950,000
Natl Jewish Ctr For Immun1500 Broadway$850,000$1,300,000$1,550,000$5,400,000
Roosevelt428 West 59th Street $250,000$1,150,000$1,350,000$3,100,000
Saint Clares Hosp & Hlth Ctr426 West 52nd Street$250,000$800,000$1,350,000$3,100,000
Saint Judes Chld Rsrch Hosp505 8th Avenue$850,000$900,000$1,600,000$4,000,000
St. Clare's415 West 51st Street$250,000$800,000$1,350,000$3,100,000
St. Luke's Roosevelt Emergency Room58th Street 9th Avenue $600,000$800,000$1,500,000$3,100,000