NYC Apartments for Sale Near Elementary schools in the East Village

Apartment buyers should definitely consider taking a glance at these elementary schools, because they not only provide children with quality educations, they also deeply influence the character of the neighborhood itself.

NameAddressNearby STU fromNearby 1 BR fromNearby 2 BR fromNearby 3 BR from
East Village Community School610 E 12th St$675,000$800,000$1,350,000$2,900,000
Immaculate Conception Elementary School419 E 13th St$1,000,000$1,450,000$2,900,000
Immaculate Conception School419 East 13th Street$1,000,000$1,450,000$2,900,000
Neighborhood School121 E 3rd St$675,000$800,000$1,350,000$2,750,000
P.S. 15 Roberto Clemente333 E 4th St$675,000$800,000$1,350,000
P.S. 19 Asher Levy185 1st Ave$1,000,000$1,450,000$2,900,000
P.S. 63 William McKinley121 E 3rd St$675,000$800,000$1,350,000$2,750,000
St. Brigid School185 E 7th St$675,000$800,000$1,350,000$2,900,000
St. George Elementary School215 E 6th St$1,900,000$1,800,000$3,250,000
The Children's Workshop School610 E 12th St$675,000$800,000$1,350,000$2,900,000