NYC Apartments for Sale Near Elementary schools in Harlem

Apartment buyers should definitely consider taking a glance at these elementary schools, because they not only provide children with quality educations, they also deeply influence the character of the neighborhood itself.

NameAddressNearby STU fromNearby 1 BR fromNearby 2 BR fromNearby 3 BR from
All Sts. School52 E 130th St
Amber Charter School220 E 106th St$700,000$700,000$750,000
Annunciation School461 W 131st St
Central Park East I1573 Madison$1,300,000$2,100,000$2,250,000
Childs Memorial Christian Academy1763 Amsterdam Ave$1,000,000$1,600,000
Clara Mohammed School102 W 116 St$700,000$950,000$1,000,000
Fellowship of Learning School9 W 130th St$900,000$1,750,000
Hamilton Heights School508 W 153rd St$260,000$550,000
Harbor Science and Arts Charter School1 E 104th St$1,300,000$700,000$750,000
Harlem Academy1330 5th Ave$700,000$950,000$1,000,000
Harlem Children's Zone Promise Academy Charter School35 E 125th St$1,250,000$1,750,000
Harlem Children's Zone Promise Academy II Charter School2005 Madison Ave$1,250,000$1,750,000
Harlem Day Charter School240 E 123rd St
Harlem Success Academy Charter School34 W 118th St$700,000$950,000$1,500,000
Harlem Village Academy Leadership2351 1st Ave
Highway Christian Academy132 E 111th St$950,000$1,500,000
King's Academy2341 3rd Ave
KIPP Infinity Charter School625 W 133 St
New Heights Academy Charter School1818 Amsterdam$600,000
Our Lady of Lourdes School468 W 143rd St
Our Lady Queen of Angels School232 E 113th St$700,000
P.S. 112 Jose Celso Barbosa535 E 119th St
P.S. 123 Mahalia Jackson301 W 140th St$650,000$1,600,000
P.S. 129 John H Finley425 W 130th St$650,000
P.S. 133 Fred R Moore2121 5th Ave$1,250,000$1,750,000
P.S. 146 Ann M Short421 E 106th St$700,000
P.S. 149 Sojourner Truth41 W 117th St$700,000$950,000$1,500,000
P.S. 152 Dyckman Valley93 Nagle AveN/AN/AN/AN/A
P.S. 153 Adam Clayton Powell1750 Amsterdam Ave$1,000,000$1,600,000
P.S. 154 Harriet Tubman250 W 127th St$600,000$900,000$1,750,000
P.S. 155 William Paca319 E 117th St
P.S. 175 Henry H Garnet175 W 134th St$650,000$900,000$1,750,000
P.S. 185 John M Langston20 W 112th St$700,000$950,000$1,000,000
P.S. 192 Jacob H Schiff500 W 138th St
P.S. 194 Countee Cullen244 W 144th St$450,000$600,000$1,250,000
P.S. 197 John B Russwurm2230 5th Ave
P.S. 200 the James McCune Smith School2589 7th Ave$450,000$600,000
P.S. 208 Alaine L Locke21 W 111th St$700,000$950,000$1,000,000
P.S. 241 Family Academy240 W 113th St$700,000$900,000$1,000,000
P.S. 28 Wright Brothers475 W 155th St$260,000$550,000
P.S. 30 Hernandez/Hughes176 E 128th St
P.S. 325500 W 138th St
P.S. 7 Samuel Stern160 E 120th St
P.S. 76 A Phillip Randolph220 W 121st St$600,000$700,000$950,000$1,600,000
P.S. 83 Luis Munoz Rivera219 E 109th St$700,000$700,000$750,000
P.S. 92 Mary McLeod Bethune222 W 134th St$650,000$900,000$1,750,000
P.S. 96 Joseph Lanzetta216 E 120th St
P.S. Is 210 21st Century Academy501 W 152nd St$260,000$550,000
Reece School25 E 104th St$1,300,000$700,000$750,000
River East Elementary School508 E 120th St
Senior Charles Borromeo214 W 142nd St$450,000$1,250,000
Shabak Christian School/Daly Day School267 W 137th St$650,000$900,000
Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem125 W 115th St$700,000$950,000$1,000,000
St. Aloysius School223 W 132nd St$650,000$900,000$1,750,000
St. Ann School314 E 110th St$700,000
St. Francis De Sales116 E 97th St$600,000$650,000$700,000$750,000
St. Francis De Sales Academy116 E 97 St$600,000$650,000$700,000$750,000
St. Joseph of the Holy Family168 Morningside Ave$600,000$1,350,000$1,750,000
St. Mark the Evangelist School55 W 138th St$450,000$1,250,000
St. Paul School114 E 118th St$1,300,000
Tag Young Scholars Junior High School240 E 109th S$700,000
The Bilingual Bicultural School219 E 109th St$700,000$700,000$750,000
The Children's Storefront70 E 129th St
The Children's Storefront70 East 129th StreetN/AN/AN/AN/A