NYC Apartments for Sale Near Elementary schools on the Upper West Side

Apartment buyers should definitely consider taking a glance at these elementary schools, because they not only provide children with quality educations, they also deeply influence the character of the neighborhood itself.

NameAddressNearby STU fromNearby 1 BR fromNearby 2 BR fromNearby 3 BR from
Abraham Joshua Heschel School270 W 89th St$900,000$2,650,000
Alexander Robertson School3 W 95th St$750,000$850,000$3,500,000
Ascension School220 W 108th St
Beit Rabban8 W 70th St$850,000$1,100,000$2,500,000$3,500,000
Blessed Sacrament School147 W 70th St$850,000$1,000,000$2,450,000$3,500,000
Calhoun School433 W End Ave$1,000,000$2,450,000$3,700,000
Collegiate School260 W 78th St$1,000,000$2,450,000$3,700,000
Columbia Grammar-Prep School5 W 93rd St$750,000$850,000$3,500,000
Gateway School of NY211 West 61st$350,000$800,000$1,500,000$2,700,000
Holy Name of Jesus202 W 97th St$750,000$850,000$1,650,000$3,850,000
J G B Education Services15 W 65th St$850,000$1,100,000$2,450,000$3,200,000
Manhattan Day School310 W 75th St$1,000,000$1,000,000$1,200,000$2,200,000
Metropolitan Montessori School325 W 85th St$900,000$3,500,000$2,650,000
P.S. 145 the Bloomingdale School150 W 105th St$3,600,000
P.S. 163 Alfred E Smith163 W 97th St$750,000$850,000$1,650,000$3,850,000
P.S. 165 Robert E Simon234 W 109th St
P.S. 199 Jesse Isador Straus270 W 70th St$800,000$930,000$1,200,000$2,200,000
P.S. 333 Manhattan School for Children154 W 93rd St$750,000$850,000$1,650,000$2,650,000
P.S. 75 Emily Dickinson735 W End Ave$750,000$850,000$1,650,000$3,850,000
P.S. 84 Lilian Weber32 W 92nd St$750,000$850,000$3,500,000
P.S. M811 Mickey Mantle School466 W End Ave$900,000$3,500,000$2,650,000
Parkside School48 W 74th St$850,000$1,300,000$2,450,000$3,700,000
Rodeph Sholom168 W 79th St$1,000,000$2,450,000$3,700,000
Rodeph Sholom School10 W 84th St
School for Young Performers175 W 92nd St$750,000$850,000$1,650,000$2,650,000
Special Music School129 W 67th St$850,000$1,000,000$1,800,000$3,500,000
St. Gregory the Great School138 W 90th St$750,000$850,000$2,650,000
Stephen Gaynor School22 W 74th St$850,000$1,300,000$2,450,000$3,700,000
The Anderson School100 W 77th St$1,300,000$2,450,000$3,700,000
The Calhoun School433 W End Ave$1,000,000$2,450,000$3,700,000
The Geneva School of ManhattanP.O. Box 1533$1,050,000$1,650,000
The Manhattan Children's Center124 W 95th St$750,000$850,000$1,650,000$3,850,000
The Studio School117 W 95 Th St$750,000$850,000$1,650,000$3,850,000
Trinity School139 W 91st St$750,000$850,000$2,650,000
West End Day School255 W 71st St$850,000$1,000,000$1,200,000$2,200,000
Yeshiva Ketana of Manhattan346 W 89th St$900,000$2,650,000