Manhattan Apartments for Sale Near High schools in Harlem

Apartment buyers - even those who aren’t parents - should definitely consider taking a glance at these high schools, because they have shaped the character of the neighborhood and will continue to do so for years to come.

NameAddressNearby STU fromNearby 1 BR fromNearby 2 BR fromNearby 3 BR from
Academy of Environmental Science Secondary High School410 East 100 Street
Bread & Roses Integrated Arts High School6 Edgecombe Avenue$550,000$650,000$800,000
Central Park East High School1573 Madison Avenue$800,000$1,250,000$2,800,000
Choir Academy of Harlem2005 Madison Avenue$950,000$3,500,000
Cristo Rey High School112 East 106th Street$800,000$1,250,000$2,800,000
Democracy Prep Charter School207 West 133rd Street$550,000$650,000$800,000$3,500,000
Emily N Carey High School1 East 104th Street$800,000$1,250,000$2,800,000
Future Leaders Inst Charter School134 West 122nd Street$500,000$650,000$900,000$1,200,000
Great Tomorrows USA School38 West 123rd Street$850,000$950,000$1,200,000
Harbor Science & Arts Charter School1 East 104th Street$800,000$1,250,000$2,800,000
Harlem Children's Zone Promise Academy Charter School35 E 125th St$850,000$950,000$3,500,000
Harlem Day Charter School240 East 123rd Street$1,000,000
Harlem Link Charter School134 West 122nd Street$500,000$650,000$900,000$1,200,000
Harlem Renaissance High School22 East 128th Street
Harlem Success Academy Charter School34 West 118th Street $800,000$850,000$1,200,000
Harlem Village Academy Charter School244 West 144th Street$400,000$450,000$800,000
High School Math Science and Engineering at CCNY240 Convent Ave$800,000
Life Sciences Secondary School320 East 96th Street$550,000$650,000$1,250,000$1,750,000
Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics280 Pleasant Avenue$1,000,000
Mott Hall High School6 Edgecombe Avenue$550,000$650,000$800,000
Mount Pleasant Christian Academy126 West 119th Street$500,000$650,000$850,000$1,200,000
New York Center for Autism Charter School433 E 100th St
NY Center for Autism Charter School433 East 100th Street
P.S. 138144 E 128th St
P.S. 325500 West 138th Street
P.S. 7 Samuel Stern160 E 120th St$1,000,000
P.S. 79 Horan School55 East 120th Street$800,000$850,000
P.S. M79 Horan School55 E 120th St$800,000$950,000
Park East High School230-34 East 105th Street$800,000$1,250,000$2,800,000
Reece School25 East 104th Street$800,000$1,250,000$2,800,000
Rice High School74 West 124th Street$850,000$950,000$1,850,000
Sisulu-Walker Charter School125 West 115th Street$650,000$850,000$1,200,000
St. Frances De Sales116 East 97th Street$650,000$650,000$1,250,000$1,400,000
The Frederick Douglass Academy2581 Adam Clayton Powell Junior Boulevard$600,000$450,000$850,000
The Frederick Douglass Academy II215 West 114th Street$650,000$850,000$1,200,000
The Heritage School1680 Lexington Avenue$650,000$1,250,000$2,800,000
Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change200-214 West 135th Street$550,000$650,000$800,000
Urban Peace Academy2351 1st Avenue$1,000,000
Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performance & Visual Arts215 West 114th Street$650,000$850,000$1,200,000
Young Women's Leadership School105 East 106th Street$800,000$1,250,000$2,800,000