Manhattan Condos for Sale Near Middle schools in the East Village

New York City contains many great middle schools, so take some time to browse through the schools in this Manhattan neighborhood to better familiarize yourself with the educational options available to you.

NameAddressNearby STU fromNearby 1 BR fromNearby 2 BR fromNearby 3 BR from
Connelly Middle School of the Holy Child220 East 4th Street$1,350,000
George Jackson Academy104 Saint Marks Place$900,000$1,150,000$900,000$3,450,000
Immaculate Conception School419 East 13th Street$900,000$1,150,000$900,000$3,450,000
St. Brigid School185 East 7th Street$1,350,000$2,600,000$3,450,000
St. George Elementary School215 East 6th Street$1,500,000$900,000$2,100,000
Technology Arts and Sciences Studio School185 1st Ave$900,000$1,150,000$900,000$3,450,000
Tompkins Square Middle School600 E 6th St$1,350,000$2,600,000$3,450,000
Tompkins Square Middle School Extension600 East 6th Street$1,350,000$2,600,000$3,450,000