NYC Condos for Sale Near Preschools in Harlem

There are a good amount of preschools in Harlem for parents to choose from, and these preschools offer an ample amount of different educational approaches. If you look over the list of preschools here where you may end up sending your child, we’re confident that you will find the one that’s the right fit.

NameAddressNearby STU fromNearby 1 BR fromNearby 2 BR fromNearby 3 BR from
ABC Day Care-Jamie Rose318 E 116th St$600,000$800,000
ABC-East Harlem Day Care Center206 E 124th St
Abraham Lincoln Head Start2110 Madison Ave$650,000$550,000
Adam Clayton Powell Day Care25 W 132nd St$650,000$550,000$1,500,000
All Sts. School52 E 130th St$1,050,000
Antioch Day Care Center515 W 125th St$900,000$1,400,000
Area 145 Day Care Center510 W 145th St$600,000
Arlem River Head Start291 W 151st St$650,000$450,000$850,000$700,000
Association of BLK Soc WRKRS Child Development Center110 W 146th St$650,000$750,000$850,000
Bee Bees Lil Angels Day Care1794 Madison Ave$500,000$650,000$900,000$1,450,000
Central Park East I1573 Madison Ave$850,000$2,100,000$1,850,000
Central Park East II19 E 103rd St$650,000$2,100,000$750,000
Chama Child Development Center218 W 147th St$650,000$450,000$850,000
Child Development Center of City CLG133rd St
Children's Aid Soceity-Milbank17 W 118th St$500,000$650,000$900,000$1,000,000
Children's Aid Society-Mil14 32 W 118th St$500,000$650,000$900,000$1,000,000
Childs Memorial Christian Academy1763 Amsterdam Ave$600,000$850,000
Citizen's Day Care Center 33240 Broadway
Citizens Care Day Care Center131 Saint Nicholas Ave$500,000$650,000$700,000$1,000,000
City College Child Development Center111 Convent Av
Clara Mohammed School102 W 116 St$500,000$650,000$900,000$1,000,000
Community Life Head Start409 W 141st St$600,000$850,000$1,300,000
Countee Cullen CCC-PS 194242 W 144th St$650,000$450,000$850,000
Dawning Village Day Care2090 1st Ave$600,000$800,000
Drew Hamilton Learning Center2672 8th Ave$650,000$600,000$850,000$1,300,000
East Calvary Nursery School1 W 112th St$500,000$650,000$900,000$1,000,000
East Harlem Bilingual Head Start Program30 East 111st$500,000$650,000$900,000$1,450,000
East Harlem Block Nursery 1215 E 106th St$650,000$800,000$750,000
East Harlem Head Start130 E 101st St$600,000$650,000$2,200,000$750,000
East River Children's Cent416 E 105th St$600,000$800,000
Ecdo Head Start Early Childhood Center249 W 144th St$650,000$450,000$850,000
First Impressions Child Care Center104 E 126th St$1,050,000
Graham-Windham Harlem Child Care Center669 Lenox Ave$650,000$650,000$550,000
Harbor Family Horizons DC1330 5th Ave$500,000$650,000$900,000$1,000,000
Harbor Oasis Day Care Center2211 1st Ave$600,000$800,000
Harriet Tubman Day Care Center138 142 W 143rd St$650,000$650,000$550,000
Highway Christian Academy132 E 111th St$850,000$900,000$1,450,000
Hope Day Nursery2112 Madison Ave$650,000$550,000
Jackie Robinson Early Learning Center181 W 135th St$500,000$700,000$850,000$1,300,000
James Weldon Johnson School176 E 115th St
Jane Varick Day Care Center151 W 136th St$500,000$650,000$550,000$1,350,000
Kiddies Safe Haven Pre-School1890 Adam C Powell Blvd$600,000$750,000$700,000$1,000,000
Laguardia House Nursery249 E 117th St
Lexington Children's Day Care115 E 98th St$600,000$650,000$1,850,000$750,000
Little Sister-Assumption Child Development Center349 Pleasant Ave
Mary Walton Day Care Center224 W 152nd St$650,000$450,000$850,000$700,000
Metro North Day Care Center304 E 102nd St$650,000$800,000$750,000
Moravian Head Start Center23 W 124th St$500,000$650,000$1,000,000$1,500,000
Morningside Tendercare124 W 121st St$500,000$650,000$1,000,000$1,000,000
Mount Carmel-Holy Rosary School371 Pleasant Ave
Mount Morris Day Care Center15 Mount Morris Park$500,000$650,000$900,000$1,450,000
Neighborhood Childrens Center1839 Lexington$600,000$800,000$1,450,000
Nesry Michelen Day Care Center510 W 145th St$600,000
North Presbyterian Head Start Center529 531 West 155th St$700,000$700,000
Nubian Day Care229 W 135th St$500,000$700,000$850,000$1,300,000
Odyssey House Family Child Care Center219 E 121st St
Our Lady of Lourdes School468 W 143rd St$600,000
Our Lady Queen of Angels School232 E 113th St$600,000$800,000
P.S. 102 Jacques Cartier315 E 113th St$600,000$800,000
P.S. 108 Assemblyman Angelo Del Toro Educational Center1615 Madison Ave$850,000$2,100,000$1,000,000
P.S. 112 Jose Celso Barbosa535 E 119th St
P.S. 129 John H Finley425 W 130th St$850,000$1,300,000
P.S. 133 Fred R Moore2121 5th Ave$1,050,000$1,500,000
P.S. 146 Ann M Short421 E 106th St$600,000$800,000
P.S. 149 Sojourner Truth41 W 117th St$500,000$650,000$900,000$1,000,000
P.S. 152 Dyckman Valley93 Nagle AveN/AN/AN/AN/A
P.S. 153 Adam Clayton Powell1750 Amsterdam Av$600,000$850,000
P.S. 154 Harriet Tubman250 W 127th St$500,000$700,000$900,000$1,350,000
P.S. 155 William Paca319 E 117th St
P.S. 161 Pedro Albizu Campos499 W 133rd St
P.S. 171 Patrick Henry19 E 103rd St$650,000$2,100,000$750,000
P.S. 175 Henry H Garnet175 W 134th St$500,000$700,000$850,000$1,300,000
P.S. 185 John M Langston20 W 112th St$500,000$650,000$900,000$1,000,000
P.S. 192 Jacob H Schiff500 W 138th St
P.S. 197 John B Russwurm2230 5th Ave$650,000$550,000
P.S. 200 the James McCune Smith School2589 7th Ave$650,000$450,000$850,000
P.S. 30 Hernandez/Hughes144 E 128th St
P.S. 38 Roberto Clemente232 E 103rd St$600,000$800,000$750,000
P.S. 7 Samuel Stern160 E 120th St
P.S. 72131 E 104th St$650,000$750,000
P.S. 76 A Phillip Randolph220 W 121st St$750,000$1,400,000$1,000,000
P.S. 83 Luis Munoz Rivera219 E 109th St$600,000$800,000$750,000
P.S. 92 Mary McLeod Bethune222 W 134th St$500,000$700,000$850,000$1,300,000
P.S. 96 Joseph Lanzetta216 E 120th St
Pequenos Souls Day Care Center114 E 122nd St$1,050,000$3,800,000
Pleasant Avenue Day Nursery451 E 120th St
Police Athletic League DDC441 Manhattan Ave$600,000$750,000$700,000$1,000,000
Pre-School of America V1501 Lexington Ave$600,000$650,000$1,850,000$750,000
Program for Teenge Preg CC22 E 128th St$1,050,000$1,500,000
Salem Day Care Center211 W 129th St$500,000$700,000$850,000$1,300,000
Shabak Christian School/Daly Day School267 W 137th St$500,000$700,000$850,000$1,300,000
St. Aloysius School223 W 132nd St$500,000$700,000$850,000$1,300,000
St. Ann School314 E 110th St$600,000$800,000
St. Benedict Day Nursery21 W 124th St$500,000$650,000$1,000,000$1,500,000
St. Joseph of the Holy Family168 Morningside Ave$800,000$1,400,000
St. Mark the Evangelist School55 W 138th St$650,000$550,000
St. Nicholas Head Start225 W 129th St$500,000$700,000$850,000$1,300,000
St. Paul School114 E 118th St$1,200,000$3,800,000
The Children's Storefront70 East 129th StreetN/AN/AN/AN/A
Union Carver Children's Center1565 Madison Ave$850,000$2,100,000$1,850,000
Union Settlement Head Start 1218 E 104th St$650,000$750,000
Union Settlement Head Start II2081 2nd Ave$600,000$800,000
Union Washington Child Care Center & Head Start1893 2nd Ave$700,000$650,000$1,400,000$750,000
Upper Manhattan Day Care Center207 W 133rd St$500,000$700,000$850,000$1,300,000
Utopia Day Care Center236 W 129th St$500,000$700,000$850,000$1,300,000
YMCA Harlem Outreach Center2627 7th Ave$650,000$450,000$850,000$700,000