NYC Condos for Sale Near Religious centers in the Financial District

Manhattan apartment residents have long enjoyed the well-crafted and bold architecture found in many of the religious institutions here, and that holds true in this neighborhood as well.

NameAddressNearby STU fromNearby 1 BR fromNearby 2 BR fromNearby 3 BR from
Faith Exchange Church90 West St$600,000$700,000$1,050,000$2,300,000
Masjid Manhattan Mosque30 Cliff St$700,000$900,000$1,100,000$3,000,000
Or Hachayim Synagogue132 Nassau St$700,000$900,000$1,100,000$2,300,000
Our Lady of Victory Church60 William St$500,000$900,000$1,000,000$1,650,000
Parishtrinity Church89 Broadway$600,000$700,000$1,050,000$2,300,000
St Peter's Rectory Church18 Vesey Street$650,000$900,000$1,100,000$3,750,000
Synagogue Light&Kosher Life47 Beekman St$700,000$900,000$1,100,000$3,750,000
Trinity Church74 Trinity Place$600,000$700,000$1,050,000$2,300,000
Trinity Wall Street Church89 Broadway (Trinity Place)$600,000$700,000$1,050,000$2,300,000
True Buddha Diamond Temple of New York Inc105 Washington St$600,000$700,000$1,050,000$2,300,000
Wall Street Synagogue47 Beekman St$700,000$900,000$1,100,000$3,750,000