Bathroom Features

While the bathroom is not known for giving first impressions, the comforts of elegant and sophisticated design that lie behind closed doors are certainly going to affect one's overall impression of an apartment. The range of design variations for bathrooms is virtually endless, though narrowing the search can be as simple as having a preference for baths rather than showers. While the general function remains the same, radiant heating or slate tiles may be the deciding factor between one condo or another when all else is considered.

Glass Shower
To put it simply, a glass shower enclosure does away with pesky shower curtains. It offers the same privacy without the annoyance of flimsy clips and puddles that come with the territory. A glass enclosure is quiet, easy to clean, durable, and does not detract from the bathroom's overall look. There are also a variety of options that a glass enclosure offers, such as different glass patterns, frameless doors, and custom shapes.

There's nothing much to say about this, other than it's a make-or-break option for some when it comes to bathroom amenities. Just as there are cat or dog people, there are bath and shower people. Unfortunately, for those who express an affinity for the former, a bath is not the standard in apartment life, though still a popular feature where sought.

The vanity is really the centerpiece in any bathroom - it houses the sink and fixtures, hides the plumbing, and comes in an array of styles and finishes. While some prefer the simple or rustic look of exposed sink basins, a vanity offers more functionality to a bathroom with a countertop and cabinet storage. A Double Vanity expands on the idea, offering ease of access through a side to side 'his and hers' set-up, a convenience that couples can truly appreciate.

Natural Stone Countertops
Granite, Limestone, and Marble countertops each offer their own qualities in pattern, desnsity, color variation and even the degree to which it can be polished. These are strictly down to the buyer's preference, as they each serve the same purpose of creating an aesthetically pleasing decor. Stone countertops are water resistant and simple to clean.

Radiant Heating
While this luxury amenitie is more scarce than most you'll find in bathroom listings, it is highly desireable. Radiant heating is specifically referring to underfloor heating technology, so there's no tip-toeing over cold tiles between the shower door and the towel rack. While the technology has existed since Roman times, and has been popular in China and Korea for a long time, the added comfort of a warm floor surface remains a pleasant surprise in America.

Rain Shower
Depending on water pressure and settings, a rain showerhead is able to mimic the feel of natural rainfall from a mild shower to an intense storm, and anywhere in between that is to your liking. The rainfall showerhead has a wider spread, giving better coverage than a standard head, bringing a bit of nature indoors in a controlled fashion. The sensation will likely find you spending much more time in the shower than intended.

Grohe/Kohler Fixtures
The design, fit and finish of your bathroom fixtures is the finishing touch when it comes to tying together form and function. Specifying Grohe or Kohler fixtures when narrowing your search will ensure high quality hardware, and garuntee a bathroom built to uncompromised specifications. Each brand offers a unique appearance when it comes to design profiles and finish qualities.