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Apartment Renovations Fetch High Prices in New York City

Renovating luxury apartments in Manhattan

Manhattan’s luxury real estate market has long had some of the best examples of extravagant and amazing homes that are made to both stun and awe. These are, after all, among the tallest buildings in America, and no stone has been left unturned in making sure the apartments inside these magnificent structures are every bit as stunning as their exteriors. But despite how fabulous these homes may be, there are always some discerning customers who want to enhance the grandeur that’s already in the homes they buy for themselves. And that’s when they call in the renovators—architects and designers who channel the owner’s vision for an even more sensational home than he or she already owned in the first place.

Record Listing: $100,000,000 for Midtown Penthouse

Midtown Penthouse in New York CityIn yet another indication of the boom in the high-end Manhattan real estate market, an octagon-shaped penthouse at CitySpire, located at 150 West 56th Street, has been listed for a whopping $100,000,000. The $100 million listing has made this 8,000 square foot luxurious home designed by Juan Pablo Molyneux the most expensive condominium listing in the whole of New York City. This news came on the heel of two other impressive real estate headlines in the recent past—Sandy Weill’s penthouse at 15 Central Park West was bought for $88 million, and a penthouse at One57 was bought for $90 million.