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Eccentric Glass Design Gets Second Chance in Flatiron District

Glass designed building in Flatiron District gets second opportunityIt is rare when a developer has the opportunity to build a new construction condominium in Manhattan from the ground up, which but a new project is in the works from Anbau Enterprises. New is only relative when it comes to this project, however -- the firm is looking to build off of a design formerly intended as a hotel. What they're looking to build, though, is the interesting part -- the new construction condominium that Anbau Enterprises is planning to build on a former parking lot on West 23rd Street between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue looks likely to be an instant landmark among Flatiron District condominiums, and could be one of the most ambitious new construction condominiums in Manhattan, period. Then again, given that Anbau paid $18.5 million for the lot, ambition shouldn't be a problem.

And on Central Park South -- a mini-neighborhood that, as we reported back in March, has emerged as one of the most promising new spots in Manhattan real estate -- Anbau's planned 93,000-square-foot condominium could fit right in. More proof, if you needed it, that there's more to the lower Flatiron than Madison Square Park's beloved Shake Shack and some new luxury hotels.