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When HSBC Is Happy, International Buyers Are Happy Too

Banking giant HSBC recentlyHSBC released new standards for foreign investors interested in Manhattan real estate released new standards for foreign investors buying second homes in New York City. The new standards relax the minimum down payment required from 40% to 30% for luxury Manhattan condos in all buildings that meet a specified set of criteria. Said criteria are designed to maximize the overall stability of the building. They require, among other things, that a building already be 90% full. Meanwhile down payment figures for American buyers have not changed. They range from 20% to 40% depending on the size of the loan. Loans below $2 million allow for just 20% down payments, while loans of $5 million require 40% up front.

Fed Scaling Back Bond Buys: A Step in the Right Direction, But Don't Push Your Luck

FRSOnce again, the Federal Reserve has given the market a short-term boost by buying more Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), helping bond prices recover from news of a weak Treasury Auction. Overall, home loan rates bounced around last week and ended the week very slightly improved. But that said, we can't "push our luck" and think the Fed will continue to step in and help support home loan rates...