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Restoration for the Wallace Wing

Met Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art began planning to rebuild its Modern and contemporary art wing in May 2014, the first comprehensive re-examination of the museum's layout in over 40 years. This acknowledgement from the Met represents a realization that the Modern and contemporary wing needs some attention. “It seemed a logical moment to really step back and think about the needs of the museum in the next 30 years,” said Thomas P. Campbell, the director of the Met. “It’s the Modern’s wing’s turn to get it right.”

Upper East Side Brings the Art: Museum Mile & Festival

The Upper East Side is home to many New York City attractions, Central Park, Gracie Mansion, and perhaps most famously, Museum Mile.

Top 5 Museums in the Upper West Side

Upper West Side Museums

Manhattan is well-known for its bevy of world-renowned cultural institutions. In any given neighborhood, there's little difficulty finding a museum to visit. In fact, sometimes there's just so much to choose from that it complicates things. We'll make it easy for you. Here are the top museums in the Upper West Side.

New York City's Heirloom, Courtesy of J.P Morgan Pt.2

Impression and cylinder from Mesopotamia

With all the intricacy that we see in the Morgan Library’s architecture and interior designs, we can only conclude that we’ve only seen half of what makes this location such an invaluable edifice. Can you imagine that the actual collection held in all the locations mentioned above actually value more than the building itself? 

New York City's Heirloom, Courtesy of J.P. Morgan

Morgan Study

225 Madison Avenue stands as one of the Unites States’ most precious possessions. Once belonging to one of the most influential figures in US history, it is now an invaluable collection of all media from vast time periods, kept together for public and student use alike. 

The Morgan Library and Museum.

Architecture and Design

Top Five Art Galleries in Chelsea

Souther Salazar at Johnathan Levine Gallery

Chelsea is at the center of the New York City art world, and with so many galleries to choose from, we've compiled a list of five of our favorites. Whether you're an art connoisseur or just looking to test the waters, this list is for you.

Top Five Museums in Manhattan's Financial District

Financial District at Night

Manhattan’s Financial District features more than today’s economical powerhouses. From the authentic Fraunces Tavern to the fitting Museum of American Finance, take a look at some of the best museums the Financial District has to offer.

Battery Park City Regales New York with History

Battery Park City

New York is famous for its tourism since it houses some of the most famous pieces of American history. Who hasn’t visited the Statue of Liberty or spent the day in the Museum of Natural History? But what about the lesser known pieces of art and culture, hidden in broad daylight for anybody to discover. Take for example a district like Battery Park City, whose top five museums and memorials contain all forms of culture, art, and history.

Greenwich Village Middle Schools: Crowded, but help is on the way!

villageGreenwich Village could soon become a little friendlier to families with middle schoolers. As it is, schools are becoming more and more crowded. But the city is in the process of converting the defunct Sports Museum of America's building into middle school space. It may draw students from a couple nearby schools, but in one scenario, the building could become the new home of Greenwich Village Middle. Obviously, some Village parents are concerned about the location, since for many it's a little farther away. The city also has their work cut out for them in converting extra space into essentials like gym space. We'll see how this one works out, but this could be a good solution for Village students, who are in need of some breathing room. Source: First and goal for school space in Sports Museum