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New Construction Manhattan Service Moment: Dogging It, Or How To Turn Your Manhattan Apartment Into A Pet-Friendly Apartment

Pet Friendly New York ApartmentsDogs: they're pretty great. So let it never be said that the New Construction Manhattan blog is afraid to take tough stances on the big issues. But as much as we at NCM love dogs -- skateboarding dogs are maybe extra good, but they're all pretty all right in our book -- we know well that Manhattan real estate is not always a pet-friendly zone. While we make a point to make note of pet-friendly condominiums in our Manhattan apartment listings, the fact remains that it can sometimes be difficult to get a dog past a fussy Manhattan co-op board. Given that no one wants to make the choice between the dog they love and the Manhattan apartment of their dreams, it's really the least we can do to offer you, the New Construction Manhattan Reader, a brief guide to getting your dog past a Manhattan co-op board.