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Lack of Condominium Inventory Sends Prices and Sales Soaring

Limite condo inventory has prices risingAs covered extensively by New Construction Manhattan, the Manhattan real estate market has been booming from the number of condominium sales in the past month despite the struggles of the national and global economy. Enthusiastic buyers, spurred by a 3% decrease in market-wide inventory since last year, have diligently pursued apartments for sale in Manhattan, and this trend has greatly benefited brokers, many of whom now find themselves selling condominiums above their asking prices.

Room(s) With A City View: Growing Market Among Growing Families For Bigger Manhattan Apartments

Larger looking for larger apartments in ManhattanAccording to an article in Wednesday's New York Times, three-bedroom Manhattan apartments and four-bedroom apartments are all the rage amongst families. It makes arithmetical sense, of course -- more kids, more bedrooms, Q.E.D. -- but the boom in sales of three- and four-bedroom Manhattan apartments indicates that a demographic that traditionally hightails it to the suburbs might be opting for Manhattan condos instead. Despite the fact that new condominium sales have been comparatively flat over the past year, sales of three-bedroom and four-bedroom Manhattan apartments have drastically increased -- whether it's because families are looking for more space for their children, space for guest bedrooms, or a tricked-out media room varies from case to case, of course. But clearly there's something going on here.