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Element 88 is Williamsburg's Newest, Most Exciting Development

With modern developments constantly rising throughout the city, developers are looking for new ways to make their residential building stand out among the rest. One of Williamsburg's newest condominiums, Element 88, has staked its claim as one of the most exciting new buildings in Brooklyn thanks to its unique facade.


Mostly Rentals, Growing Williamsburg Condo Market Is Largely Untapped

Williamsburg is continuing a run of totally new constructions, particularly in condos and hotels, which may ultimately be attributed to the neighborhood’s individual branding over the past years and its consequently shifting demographics.

The Sun Rises for Sunset Park Mega Development & Domino Update

Architect Raymond Chan and his team of Chinese developers are planning an enormous mixed-use development on Eighth Avenue between 61st and 64th streets in Sunset Park.

East River Waterfront - Development Update

Domino Sugar Factory Rendering

TF Cornerstone's Long Island City megadevelopment East Coast has been massively successful in urbanizing the once industrial Queens waterfront. The 21-acre development consists of 7 buildings at the site of the former Pepsi-Cola bottling plant. 4 are already complete-- and they're renting faster than expected. 

Across the Brooklyn Bridge: 10 Most Expensive Brooklyn Buildings

Brooklyn Bridge NYC

Last month, we shared with you the 10 Most Expensive Manhattan Buildings, with 15 Central Park West taking the cake. We thought it would be exciting to share with our readers what the 10 Most Expensive Buildings in our neighboring borough of Brooklyn turned out to be for 2013. As we did last time, we did some research on the data of closed sales and compiled this list of the most expensive buildings based on average price per square foot. 

Best Coffee Shops in Brooklyn

Best Coffee Shops in Brooklyn

If you’re like us, coffee can make or break your day. In a city that moves at a mile-a-minute pace, sometimes caffeine is a necessity. Sure, there’s no shortage of coffee in New York, but we’re on a search for the best coffee the City has to offer. Today’s stop: Brooklyn.

Condo Conversions Underway in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge at Night

Sometimes, developers like to start from scratch, demolishing older buildings or constructing condos on empty lots. Often times, however, old warehouses, churches, factories, etc., are left standing and converted into condos. Brooklyn currently has several conversions underway. Here are four of our favorites:

Brown Is The New Black: Brooklyn Brownstones 2.0

Brooklyn Brownstone 2.0

Brownstones are an indelible feature of New York City’s distinct architectural landscape. New York City has the largest compilation of brownstones in the United States—by far. They are the primary residential units in Bedford Stuyvesant and the Upper West Side. Harlem, Queens, and the Bronx also host a swath of the iconic homes. Brooklyn, in particular, is defined by its brownstones. They line the streets of Fort Greene, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, and Cobble Hill, and are scattered in bundles from Greenpoint to Red Hook. Many of these brownstones are now the most desirable (and expensive) properties in the borough.

Tracking The Rising Prices in Brooklyn

2004 - 2012 - Brooklyn Home Prices

The people behind the PropertyShark Real Estate Blog have put together an interesting infographic comparing the home prices in all Brooklyn neighborhoods from 2004-2012. Breaking down price fluctuations by neighborhood, the data has some no-brainers but also some numbers that are going to make you do a double take!