Pre-War Co-ops: It’s About to Get Buff in Here

On-site fitness center in luxury Manhattan condos
Pre-war condominiums in Manhattan are filled with luxury and elegance. However, there is one thing that many of these buildings don’t have: a gym. With so many new construction condominiums featuring state-of-the-art fitness centers on-site, the stately pre-war co-ops and condominiums have seemingly been stuck in the past. With a on-site gym high on buyers wish lists, some pre-war co-ops have begun to take notice.Even with many fitness centers located in Manhattan, buyers are looking for gyms in their own buildings as a matter of convenience. Some residents like to get up early to work out and don’t want to have to walk blocks away or even take the subway at 5 am. Others don’t want to brave through the winter weather in their work out clothes to get to the gym. Having a gym within their own building also means that residents have a more private workout space and the easy trip, often just down the elevator, provides an incentive to hit the gym.

While creating a brand new gym using a building’s existing space may be expensive, it has been paying off for many pre-war buildings. They have seen the prices of their apartments increase and have also seen the time that they are sitting on the market decrease. There are now many buyers who won’t consider a building, even if it fits their needs, if it does not have a fitness center.

815 Park Avenue wanted to build a gym in its basement, but some owners at this luxurious co-op were initially against it. However, after it opened early this year, their minds have been changed. They appreciated having a gym that is very easy to get to and it has also increased the building’s popularity. 815 Park Avenue is not the only pre-war co-op that has added a gym in recent years.

Both 1120 Park Avenue and 1125 Park Avenue have added gyms as well as other modern features such as a basketball court at 1125 Park Avenue which have added value to the buildings. Some pre-war condominiums, such as The Mark, have had gyms for years and they have been a big selling point in recent times. It is becoming increasingly popular to have a gym in a stately pre-war building, and it would not be surprising to see more of these elegant buildings jump in on this trend.