A Harlem Townhouse That’s Perfect for You and Your Art

Harlem townhouses provide more space for art collections

Have you ever looked at great piece of art, something that absolutely delights and captivates you, and wanted to bring it home; only to then realize that you wouldn’t have space for it in your Manhattan apartment? While we are sure that this thought must have occurred to many of you, we are also pretty sure that this feeling has come in your minds more than once! Think back on all those great artworks you liked and craved, but had to say no to them only because of the question: “Where are we going to keep it in our home?”

Well, as it so happens, a new home has just come in to the market where we know—for a fact—that it can accommodate all the quirky, beautiful and sublime pieces of art that you’d possibly wish to own. The home in question is a townhouse in the historic Harlem neighborhood, a three-family home consisting of one apartment and two duplexes. Its current owner, Doug Werner, a corporate medical director with a passion for art, has housed more than 100 pieces of art in the building’s upper duplex where he lives—and it does seem that it can hold more.

A report in The Wall Street Journal says that portraits, statues and stuffed animals form the majority of the artwork in the upper duplex of this gut-renovated building, which was originally built in 1910. The variety of art here is almost mind-boggling: a 600-pound statue of a woman pouring beer, six stuffed heads of African bucks, a mountain lion rug, a water buffalo sculpture, rows of paintings and an antique Chinese Cabinet—these are just a few of the many pieces of art littered throughout this handsome building with a red-brick exterior.

Well, by now, we think you are sufficiently satisfied by the idea that this house can comfortably store all the pieces of art you so desire, and are now wondering how much this spacious townhouse costs. Well, Verner has put the entire townhouse on the market for a cool $1.595 million, leaving behind a bare upper duplex perfecting for hosting the new owner’s choice of artworks. The other two homes in the building can be continued as rentals, with income from them expected to be roughly about $35,000 a year. So you’d be getting a great place to stash all your art, and also a neat source of income!

Going by Manhattan standards, this townhouse seems like a great buy—townhouses elsewhere in the city, like those in the Upper West Side,  would cost double or more than the price Werner is asking for his home. Add to that the amount of space this elegant home provides, and this Harlem townhouse seems well worth the money you’ll spend on it. Art lovers of New York City, check out this great Harlem home—this could be just the house you are looking for!