Another Tower Goes For NYC’s Tallest Record

Another challenger for the tallest luxury condo building in ManhattanNew York City is known for being home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the country. If you thought Manhattan towers couldn’t get any taller, you were mistaken! There are residential towers currently under construction such as the 1,397-foot tower at 432 Park Avenue South which will eventually surpass the infamous 1,004-foot One57 tower once both are completed. Well, for those who marked 432 Park Avenue as the New York City’s tallest residential building, you might have spoken too soon. Beating out its skyscraper-like competitors by rising to 1,550 feet, an 88-story Extell mixed-use development plans to emerge at 217-225 West 57th Street, less than a block away from its sibling One57.

Extell head Gary Barnett has really outdone himself as he tops his One57 development which is nearing completion and would be the city’s tallest building when it opens next year--for now, that is. Once construction is underway at 225 West 57th, not only will it replace One57 or 432 Park Avenue as the tallest in the city, but it will be marked as the sixth tallest building in the world. It is said that the building will hold 233 residential units in its slender but solid structure. Plans for the site have been circling around for over a year, and Barnett negotiated with the upscale department store Nordstroms for the first five floors in the mixed-use tower. In addition, there will be a hotel on the seventh through 12th floors.

After the numerous activities surrounding One57 and 432 Park Avenue, it seems like apartment buyers are constantly searching for the next best thing. More developments are emerging as the demand for residential properties increases. Whether its condos or rentals, New York City is the place that many turn to for the finest luxury living. Buildings such as those mentioned before, including 225 West 57th Street are not only breaking the city’s tallest tower record but they are providing more luxury homes for those who demand it. High-end apartments have been selling like never before in Manhattan’s healthy market and it has further developed into the place for the elite. This new Extell tower adds to the already luxury, elegant and tall image that New york City embodies.

It is said that 225 West 57th Street will be Gary Barnett’s most challenging deal--well, that is not surprising seeing as how Barnett pushed it to new heights. The highest floor in the building calls for a “sky lounge,” and an additional residential  lounge is expected to sit on the 14th floor. There are plans for the seventh floor to house an array of hotel amenities including a restaurant, salon, gym and “sky lobby.” There will be separate entrances for residents, the hotel, and Nordstroms. This mixed-use building will strive to make residents as comfortable as possible--no need to leave home when your building has everything you need and more, right? Well, it seems like 225 West 57th Street will soon be the place to call home as it is destined to steal the throne of the “most high” in the near future.