Foreign Cities Seek to Emulate Manhattan’s Modern Architecture

International developers are emulating Manhattans architectural styleAcknowledged as one of the world’s greatest cities, New York City’s culture is recognizable anywhere in the world; its iconic style, food, and fashion have always been popular across the globe. Now, Manhattan’s modern residential architecture is its latest export to the global community. Over the past decade or so, Manhattan has produced some of the world’s most striking and luxurious new construction condominium buildings. The rest of the world has taken note: cities in countries like China, Israel, Turkey, and Brazil are beginning to hire celebrated New York architects to design buildings in similar styles to their iconic work in Manhattan. This trend has allowed New York City’s global influence to expand even more.

One of the most well-known Manhattan newly constructed condominiums, 15 Central Park West, designed by Robert A. M. Stern Architects, has drawn strong interest from a number of cities worldwide. Some of these new clients actually want to imitate the looks they see in New York, while others tend to view Manhattan real estate as a magnet for the world’s best designers and developers. The second group wants to attract these people to their own cities. Cities like Istanbul and Tel Aviv are reaching out to some of the biggest names in New York architecture to design new residential buildings in some of their developing neighborhoods. The added status that comes with living in a building designed by a “starchitect” is something that many Manhattan apartment owners are familiar with, but that foreign investors are eager to experience for themselves.

Each of these cities, of course, has its own unique culture and history, but for modern construction projects, many developers look to Manhattan luxury architecture as a model for the future. Residents in other countries are impressed by the new buildings being built in Manhattan and want a taste of that status in their own cities. People shopping for apartments in New York choose from a long list of the latest and greatest condominiums in a range of trendy neighborhoods. The rest of the world wants in on this game. Xiamen, a coastal city in China, has commissioned Stern Architects to design and build a 25-acre residential area inspired by 15 CPW. This trend may be found in a number of other cities, each claiming a different Manhattan real estate architect as their muse. New York City, and Manhattan in particular, has proven once again to be a model for the rest of the world.