FiDi Is Fido Friendly

The Financial District has what is needed to help those who received a particular gift this past Valentines Day. If you’re one of the many females who were surprised with the heart-warming face of a new puppy this year, we’ve got some places within FiDi worth checking out.


Located on 91 Washington Street (just a short block away from the beautiful W New York Downtown) Petropolis offers multiple grooming services for your pet. They’ll  provide your new best friend with the best grooming in New York - washing, brushing, cutting and blow drying to perfection. The staff is knowledgeable regarding what foods are best for your pet, and will guide you to the correct (and natural) kibble that will keep your pet healthy. Grooming can be completed from an hour up to three hours, maximum. Petropolis is open from Monday-Friday, 11am - 8pm; Saturday from 11am - 6pm, and Sunday from 11am - 5pm.

Ciao Bow Wow

If your beau purchased you a smaller breed of canine, 11 Maiden Lane is home to a spacious dog daycare center. There, pups are able to interact with their own species in a friendly environment - Ciao Bow Wow does not allow aggressive dogs into the daycare center. They also offer grooming services, which incorporates a gentle massage and aromatherapy. The entire staff is certified in Pet First Aid by the Red Cross and they are versed in what exactly dogs need to maintain a healthy and happy life. Packages for the daycare are available,and can be viewed here. Ciao Bow Wow is open from Monday through Friday, 7am - 7pm. They also offer “green” pickup and drop off services with FiDi and Battery Park City - all dogs are chaperoned to and from your door either on foot, or by bicycle. 

Seaport Animal Hospital

For check-ups or if (Heaven forbid) your new friend isn’t feeling so well, over on 80 Beekman Street lies the Seaport Animal Hospital. They offer an extensive array of services for both canines and felines. Vaccinations are given with the utmost care; teeth and gums are closely looked at, cleaned, and (if needed) extracted. Routine exams are available to ensure the health of dogs - such as checking for parasites, skin examinations, blood tests, and weight management. As of now, the Seaport Animal Hospital is also housing the Salty Paw - FiDi’s first pet boutique offering exemplary grooming and daycare services for over five years. After Sandy, their original establishment on 38 Peck Slip received considerable damage, and they have relocated to the Animal Hospital temporarily. The hospital’s hours are Monday through Friday 8am - 6pm, and Saturday 9am - 3pm.