Soho’s Best Coffee Spots

The Best Places for Coffee in Soho, New York City

In our continuing quest to find all of the best coffee spots in the city, today, we turn our attention to Soho—does the fashion-forward district have a similar grade for its java as well? Well, we went sniffing around South of Houston Street for the smell of fresh-made coffee, and we came back feeling mighty pleased. Much like its famous bars and restaurants, Soho’s cafés are hip and happening, certain to appeal to both the coffee novice and the caffeine enthusiast.

Here’s our list of the best places to get your caffeine fix in Soho:

La Colombe | 270 Lafayette StreetLa Colombe

La Colombe proudly declares that they focus on just the coffee and the customer in their cafés—and that is precisely why this establishment is such a big hit in New York City. From the intense taste of Madagascar coffee beans to the more mellow notes found in the Bolivian variety, the coffee connoisseur will find a good number of flavors to sample at La Colombe.


Ground SupportGround Support | 399 West Broadway

This charming café’s popularity can be seen in the number of people that flock to this cozy place located between Broome and Watts streets. With its large windows and airy, comfortable space, Ground Support is a great place to relax, chill out or meet with friends while sipping some great coffee concoctions. Once the weather gets warmer, seat yourself on the benches outside for some good, old-fashioned people watching.


Café Integral | 135 Grand StreetCafe Integral

Hidden inside the American Two Shot boutique in Soho is this gem of a coffee shop called Café Integral. This shop takes its name seriously—the café offers exquisite Nicaraguan coffees that have been roasted locally in New York City. While this café is an obvious stop for the Soho shopaholic, coffee enthusiasts would be wise to step into the store to check out the brews this place has to offer.


Everyman EspressoEveryman Espresso | 301 West Broadway

Friendly and inviting, Everyman Espresso is an espresso bar whose ambience matches the excellence of their specialty coffees, which are made by Counter Culture java beans. People swear by the cappuccinos made at this place, and the donuts served here have a huge fan following as well. Delicious flavors, chill location, approachable people—what more do you need from a coffee bar?

Hugh Jackman famously once said: “To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.” We certainly agree, and Soho is a great place to sample different varieties of this excellent invention. Have you been to any of the above shops? Tell us your thoughts on the same in the comments below!