150 Charles Street: Sizzling Up New York’s Real Estate Scene

150 Charles Street in the West Village

If we were to look at its architecture alone, 150 Charles Street in the West Village may not be as glitzy or glamorous as some of the other new buildings coming up in New York City. But while its exterior may be low profile, its interior is anything but ordinary—the luxury apartments being offered at 150 Charles Street have been selling like hot cakes ever since they came into the market in February. People have been lining up to snap up the homes at 150 Charles Street, and nearly half of the building’s 91 condos have already been sold.

The good sales at 150 Charles Street comes as a bit of a surprise for many in the real estate sector who had predicted doom for the West Village development, especially after the neighborhood took a beating with the effects of Superstorm Sandy in October last year. But such concerns were left at the wayside once 150 Charles Street started selling, with the price of the offering increasing by nine times in the course of a single month. (The New York Times reports that the price of the plan was boosted by nearly 13 percent to a whopping $785.67 million in March.)

So what is it about 150 Charles Street that has buyers flocking to it? For one, it is the neighborhood—the building’s developer, Steven Witkoff, has said that most of the buyers have been New Yorkers who want to live with their families in the West Village. The fact that 150 Charles Street is a full-service building with stunning, expansive residences and several luxury amenities is also a major factor—people are beginning to realize that Downtown Manhattan is where all the good residential developments are happening, and 150 Charles Street is too great an option to ignore.

However, it’s not been all good news for 150 Charles Street. A group of West Village residents haven’t taken too kindly to the new development, accusing the developers of unlawfully tearing down the original building on the site. They have also accused Witkoff on not staying true to the design that was originally proposed for 150 Charles Street—instead of it being the short and wide structure it is today, it was meant to be a tall and narrow building instead. This group of residents is still trying to stop the development, but it does look like they are fighting a losing battle.

For now, 150 Charles Street is surging ahead in the popularity department, with the building getting rave reviews and lot of applause from members of the real estate sector. The condominium building, which will also offer 10 townhouse mansions, has been touted to become “the downtown alternative to 15 Central Park West,” and all signs now point to 150 Charles Street mimicking the sales velocity seen at the prestigious Upper West Side address as well. So, do you want in on this fantastic new luxury development at 150 Charles Street? Get in touch with us today to learn more!