Take a Tour of Greenwich Village’s Finest Homes on May 5

Homes in Greenwich Village

If you have ever walked around in Greenwich Village, it’s pretty certain that you will have come across some rather beautiful, stately looking homes. Now, as grand as they may be to look at from the outside, wouldn’t it be great to see what these homes look like from the inside? Well, for one day in May, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation is now giving you a chance to tour six of the neighborhood’s most famous structures.

The Village House Tour Benefit, which is conducted every year to raise funds for the GVSHP, is one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the Greenwich Village neighborhood. This year, it’s being held on Sunday, May 5th, and since this is a self-guided tour, guests are allowed to explore all six houses at their very own pace. And once you’re done with looking through the houses, you also have the option of joining a cocktail reception at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise on Greenwich Street.

There are several noteworthy houses being showcased in this year’s tour, all of which are unique and beautiful in their own ways. One home that seems particularly interesting has been billed as an “effervescent townhouse with a style as playful as the family that lives there”—exploring this home promises to be a fun experience. Architecture enthusiasts will probably enjoy the 1838 mansion that boasts of a design that’s a mash-up of Greek revival and Bohemian styles.

So, if you’re interested in checking out these fabulous homes in Greenwich Village, you should go ahead and reserve your tickets for the tour now—tickets are priced at $175 and $200, but if you book them early, you can get two tickets for $300. This tour is a great opportunity to look at some exquisite New York homes, and you are sure to get some good inspiration on designing your own home. More details on the tour can be found by clicking on this link.