Take a Guided Walk Around Gramercy Park This Weekend--for Free!

Jane's Walk at Gramercy Park May 5

For two days this weekend, New York City will be celebrating the legacy of activist-urbanist Jane Jacobs (who has been called “the apostle of livable cities”) with more than a hundred free walking tours exploring the many neighborhoods that make the city what it is. From Downtown Manhattan hotspots to the scenic locales of the Upper West Side, there are a lot of tours to choose from, and these free walks are a perfect way to explore a neighborhood with a guide who you can safely expect to be well versed with the city and its history.

While all of the planned walks are impressive in their own right, we have to say that we are particularly interested in the one surrounding the neighborhood of Gramercy Park. The tour, which is scheduled for May 5th at 3pm, has a title that is particularly arresting—it is a question that many of us have probably already wondered during our time in the city: “Why Does Gramercy Park Continue to Thrive as Manhattan’s Only Private Park?” That’s right—this tiny, two-acre park is a pretty exclusive affair; open to only those New Yorkers who live in the locality.

Hosted by Terry Brennan, a former news reporter who says he’s been “intrigued with New York since the 1960s,” this walking tour starts at Union Square and makes its way along Irving Place to Gramercy Park. Brennan will discuss how Gramercy Park became the very desirable neighborhood that it is today—the residential offerings here are among the best of their kind in New York City. For instance, take a look at the condominiums being offered at addresses like 18 Gramercy Park South and 254 Park Avenue South—this is Manhattan luxury living at its very best.

So, if you’ve been looking for something to do this weekend, head to this Jane’s Walk tour on Sunday. While the walk itself promises to be an informative and entertaining experience, one can have a lot of fun after the walk as well—the tour ends at 5pm, and the Gramercy Park neighborhood has plenty of cafes, shops, restaurants and bars to hang out at afterwards. And hey, if Gramercy Park is not to your liking—take a look at the many other Jane’s Walks being organized by clicking on this link. Regardless of which tour you choose: happy walking this weekend!