Fashion Fusion at the Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum

This September, The Jewish Museum of New York, on the Upper East Side, is brewing up a artsy concoction of fashion and religion. A collaborative effort by artists and the museum curators, threeASFOUR will be showcasing an avant-garde couture collection called MER KA BA, creating a synergy between fashion design, architecture, and video art; themed around “sacred geometry and tile patterns”, found in synagogues, churches, and mosques around the world.

Jewish Museum: Mer Ka Ba

Museum assistant curator, Rebecca Shaykin revealed that threeASFOUR will also be debuting their spring 2014 line at the exhibit, that is on display between September 15th 2013 and Feb 2nd 2014.


This fashion fusion will not be all clothes only, visitors will be taken through a dark alleyway, with mirrors on various surfaces, within the structure shaped like a “temple” in the form of a six-point star, designed by Studio Christian Wassmann. As you walk in, the video art beams light onto the mirrored surfaces, giving the feel of walking inside a telescope, all while “meditative” music plays in the background; a truly fascinating experience.

Jewish Museum

Architect Bradley Rothenberg will be working on the 3D-printed fabrics that will feature the religiously symbolic “lattice patterns”, while Angela Donhauser along with Gabriel Asfour and Adi Gil, will be working on their avant-garde collection, influenced by Donhauser’s Tajiskistan roots, combined with his Russian and German ancestry, and Asfour and Gil’s Lebanon and Israel roots; making for an eclectic mix of cultures.

So, as the chilly fall winds wrap up summer in New York city, a visit to the Jewish Museum, makes for a warm and toasty indoor experience, that is truly one-of-a-kind.