Upper East Side Brings the Art: Museum Mile & Festival

The Upper East Side is home to many New York City attractions, Central Park, Gracie Mansion, and perhaps most famously, Museum Mile.

One section of Fifth Avenue in Manhattan is home to the most famous NYC museums, places where all types of art, quite literally every type you can think of are exhibited throughout the year by artists that are well known to artists that will be well known. This section is known as Museum Mile, within that mile are nine museums each giving a unique look into the world of art and artists.

The Museum for African Art - Located at: 110th Street

Currently undergoing construction, this museum hopes to open it’s doors fully come 2015. Before entering the Museum Mile this exhibition center was harbored in Long Island City, Queens. The new venue will bring more space for the Museum to properly exhibit and enrich the lives of patrons about the variety of African art and cultures. Previously organizing close to 70 exhibitions that have traveled to over 17 countries, the idea is to bring awareness of these cultures to a worldwide audience, with their new headquarters right in Manhattan.

El Museo del Barrio - Located at: 105th Street

More commonly known as El Museo, was founded in 1969 and specializes in Latin American and Caribbean art, emphasizing Puerto Rican art. El Museo has over 6,500 pieces of art coming from all parts of Latin America and hopes to enlighten the patrons of their museum about the richness of the Caribbean and Latin American arts and histories. Originally the museum was located in a public school and then multiple storefronts before becoming a founding member of Museum Mile in 1978.

Museum of the City of New York - Located at: 103rd Street

Originally, the Museum of the City of New York was located at Gracie Mansion until it outgrew it’s surroundings. The Museum’s first major exhibition was called “Old New York” and exhibited in 1926. After the success of “Old New York” a search for a better location which came about in 1932. At present, the Museum serves to honor it’s mission which is to celebrate and interpret the city, and to educate the public regarding it’s character, diversity, transformation, and opportunities.

The Jewish Museum - Located at: 92nd Street

Founded in 1904 the The Jewish Museum is the largest institution dedicated to the exploration and preservation of the Jewish culture, outside of Israel. This Museum has over 26,000 artistic objects and bolsters its mission of using art to inspire shared human values for people of all religious and cultural backgrounds while keeping it’s identity as a special place for understanding the Jewish culture.

Cooper-Hewitt Museum

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum - Located at: 91st Street

Devoted entirely to historic and contemporary design, Cooper-Hewitt brings perspective on how design affects life. Founded in 1896 the Museum took inspiration for it’s creative from the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Seated in the sixty-four-room mansion once owned by Andrew Carnegie, this branch of the Smithsonian, since 1967, is dedicated to the study of innovative design and showing how human design creativity has evolved over the past 240 years.

National Academy Museum - Located at: 89th Street

First called the National Academy of Design is now more colloquially known as the National Academy. The organization was originally founded in 1825, and is dedicated to promote the fine arts through programs giving instruction and exhibitions in America. The Museum portion of this venue, which also doubles as a school, shows the visual expedition of artists in America. Housing over 7,000 pieces of permanent art from the 19th-21st centuries showing the evolution of American art.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - Located at: 88th Street

Built in as a circular building, the idea behind the design of the cylinder shaped museum was to be the “temple of the spirit”. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 20th century this modern museum opened it’s doors to the public in 1959. Exhibiting mostly, impressionist and modern art, the Guggenheim is regarded as one of the most significant architectural icons of the 20th century. The Museum features over eight decades of artwork and hosts many private collections.


Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Neue Galerie New York - Located at: 86th Street

Housing primarily German and Austrian art the Neue Galerie (meaning New Gallery) New York was established in 2001. Committed to art and design from the twentieth-century, this Museum explores German and Austrian art through two galleries. The second floor gallery shows the relationship between fine art and decorative art particularly in Vienna, and the third floor gallery shows German art through the movements of the early twentieth-century.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Located at: 82nd Street

The largest art museum in the United States is none-other than the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and holds rank as one of the ten largest museums in the world with significant art collections. Established in 1870 by businessmen, artists, and financiers, the idea was to bring art to the American people through exhibitions and education. This Museum does not have just one genre of art but rather carries all types of art varying from a multitude of different countries and cultures. The mission behind the museum is to encourage and develop the study of fine arts and to advance the general knowledge of art in the patrons that come to the MET Museum.

This spring 2014 Museum Mile offers a wonder festival for patrons of the arts and those interested in doing something new to check out all the museums within the Mile. The Fifth Avenue Upper East Side Museums’ will also keep extended hours for the festival giving as many people as possible the chance to see some of the finest art collections in the world. It’s one day only on Tuesday June 10th between 6-9 pm. It is free admission all day and will happen rain or shine, check it out!