SUNY and RFP Finalist Fortis Finally Finalize Agreement


South Brooklyn will be getting a new freestanding emergency department.

The State University of New York and Fortis Property Group have come to an agreement that promises to rid SUNY from Long Island College Hospital. NYU Langone Medical Center will build a 125,000 square foot space at the site, close to double the size of the originally proposed plan.

Expected completion for the project is 2018 and NYU Langone is proposing $175 million to invest in building the new facility. This is on top of the $5 million already invested in upgrading the interim emergency department.

The new complex will be able to accommodate 35 to 50 patients and will have an estimated staff of about 400 including 70 doctors. The new emergency department will operate at all hours, and have two ambulances available on site for patient transfer to other hospitals for inpatient care.

Since May 22nd, SUNY has been operating an essentials only emergency department, after settlement allowed it to close the rest of the hospital. NYU Langone originally intended on taking over the emergency department in September but pulled out because of a lawsuit by the New York State Nurses Association against the university system.

According to Crain’s, the system was losing $6 million a month keeping the emergency department open. Fortis has agreed to cover the operating costs from May 23 to August 31.

Before NYU Langone can take over the emergency department, approval must be received from the Health Department, attorney general, and state comptroller.

Residents of Cobble Hill who had filed lawsuits to keep LICH running as a full-service hospital have criticized the deal. The Cobble Hill Association cites “no process, not even a bogus one” was ever made to determine whether or not there was a need for more or less health care in booming South Brooklyn.

NYU Langone has promised to open the freestanding emergency department within two business days of approval.