Adherence to Art: Jean Nouvel’s MoMA Tower

 53W53 MoMA Tower Interior Rendering

Courtesy of Curbed

New Yorkers have breathlessly  awaited the unveiling of the latest super luxury condominium.  Back in September, we got a glimpse into Jean Nouvel’s MoMA Tower– officially known as 53W53, leaving us yearning for more. The penthouse was the only piece of the 82-story, 1,050-foot building revealed, leaving many eager to see what else developer Hines had in store. Now New Yorkers are invited to take a luxurious gaze into the interior renderings of iconic MoMA Tower. Only a few blocks away from Midtown’s Billionaire Row, it is no surprise the tower boasts on extravagance.

“The rendering is accompanied by a full-scale unit model of a $10 million, two bedroom, 32nd-floor apartment planned for the tower. Set in a Sunset Park warehouse, the mock up shows how the building’s well-known zig-zag facade pattern (the “diagrid”) will translate inside, leading to tilting windows and slanted columns.” The main architectural design of the building will be used to inform and influence the overall designs of Theirry W. Despont, who has been given the opportunity to craft the 140-condo interiors.

Developer Hines spent between $500,000 and $1 million to build the prototypes, but the apartments themselves will run from $3 million to more than $50 million. Thanks to the tapering structure, as the tower rises, the floor area shrinks, causing each floor plan and layout to be uniquely structured. As part of the MoMA’s idealistic expansion plan, floors two through five will be absorbed. As such, each unit is iconically designed to enhance the artificer’s experience with bronze-framed entrances and walnut door handles, making them miniature models of the MoMA. Enormous 11 feet high windows encompass units with wide plank flooring, each with their own unique perpendicular border.  Due to its unique shape, windows in the building are inoperable, so a special ventilation system was designed for the adjacent wall panels.  Additionally, windows come complete with automatic shades, modeled after those on yachts, to provide residents with privacy for the uniquely angled windows. Each of the unit’s living spaces is incorporated with concealed lighting in the ceiling, providing  a halo effect, along with air conditioning concealed behind a detained cornice. The units master baths provide tubs lit from below to create an ambient glow, providing residents with the ultimate luxury experience.