6 Pieces of Advice to Homebuyers

New Construction Manhattan Buying a Home

You’ve finally decided it’s time to give up apartment living. You did some soul searching and you’ve dropped in on a few open houses. You found your dream house...at least, you think you have. According to Forbes, as many as a quarter of homeowners wish they had never purchased their place at all. Here are some additional considerations to make before you make a regrettable decision. The name of the game: attention to detail.

  1. Research the Neighborhood

You may not plan on living in this house forever, but life happens. You never know what situation you may end up in: plan accordingly. The neighborhood you choose should accommodate your optimal lifestyle. Make sure that within the proximity is convenient transportation, places to exercise all year around, great places to eat, and so on. You may not plan on having children, but it’s still a good idea to make sure that there are good education options, just in case. Check out the local news and ask your neighbors about what everyday life is like; life in Chelsea is worlds apart from Yorkville.

  1. Investigate Mortgages

Mortgages can be a huge headache, but it’s important to make sure you fully understand the different rates along with their penalties, fees, and so on. There is a huge difference between a 15-year and a 30-year mortgage. You’re going to have to make some tough choices. Government or private? Fixed or adjustable? The right decision hinges on a lot of variables and requires thorough research. There is no shame in asking for help from a mortgage guide.

  1. Inspect Thoroughly

On the first glimpse, maybe even the second too, your dream house still might look perfect. But beneath the surface, there might be some necessary repairs in order. Get the house inspected so you know what these repairs are, and importantly how much they will be so you can budget wisely. Don’t just get the house appraised; get it assessed.

  1. Visit More Than Once

When you first see the house, you might have stumbled upon it during the perfect time of day. But what about the rest of the time? Are there noisy neighbors? You wouldn’t want to find out (surprise!) that your block is the hot spot for late night parties. Unless you’re into parties.

  1. Check Out the Neighbors

If your neighbors’ homes look like candidates for demolition, you may not want to be there. Construction is loud and takes a long time. Plus, they might build an eyesore that blocks your view or prevent natural lighting.

  1. Calculate Utilities

You’ve diligently outlined your budget for paying off your mortgage, allowing some flex room. But have you figured out utilities? Find out how much they’re going to be - all year around - so you know what to expect. You don’t want to be ambushed by a hefty heating bill in the winter, or an expensive electric bill in the summer.