New York City Real Estate Blog Archives for May 2010

Riverhouse Chronicles, Cont'd: Resident Sues Battery Park City Condo Developers, Alleging Failure To Deliver LEED-Gold Goods

The RiverheouseIf you're a regular reader of the New Construction Manhattan blog, this is not the first time you're hearing about The Riverhouse, a LEED Gold-hopeful condominium in Battery Park City. And if you're not a regular reader of the New Construction Manhattan blog...this is still probably not the first time you're hearing about The Riverhouse, a LEED Gold-hopeful condominium in Battery Park City. With a list of celebrity residents -- Leonardo DiCaprio and Tyra Banks, for starters -- and the unofficial title of the greenest of NYC's green condo listings, The Riverhouse is, as a great newscaster once said, kind of a big deal. Whatever controversies beset it going forward, The Riverhouse's position as one of the most desirable condo listings in Battery Park City is not likely to change. But a new lawsuit filed against The Riverhouse's developers doesn't look all that good.

Reach For The Stars: Extell Announces Plans To Build Tallest Condominium Building in Manhattan

Extell plans to build the biggest condo building in Manhattan There are a lot of things to miss about the heyday -- it was only just a few years ago, although it feels much longer -- of NYC real estate. There was a time when new construction condos in Manhattan came on the market every week, when the streets rang with news of rezoning and new construction and condo conversions and so on. It was... honestly, probably a bit much, and not nearly as great a time to find a condo for sale in Manhattan as today's more chilled-out real estate climate. But the market is turning itself around as we speak, and proof is everywhere you look, both on the New Construction Manhattan blog and elsewhere. But if you need proof that the grandiosity of old is returning to Manhattan real estate, look no further than the news that condo developer Extell and star architect Christian de Portzamparc just announced plans to build the tallest condominium in Manhattan at 57th Street and 7th Avenue in Midtown West. Hurray?

Tardy Tribeca (Space)

Tribeca in New York CityHope buyers of Tribeca Space didn’t hold their breath since March 2006 when the converted condos at 25 Murray Street initially went on sale, selling out in a New York minute. Those who purchased the loft apartments for sale at Tribeca Space have been waiting for the converted building to receive the temporary certificate of occupancy, the golden ticket for closing sales in real estate. Well, not really as 40% of the initial buyers withdrew their contracts from Tribeca Space. Of the 74 apartments for sale in Tribeca Space, 28 have become up for grabs and 10 of the apartments for sale are being offered at 5-10% discounts and the rest will be available for purchase after Memorial Day. While it is currently the best time in the increasingly better market to buy, Tribeca Space seems to finally have its timing right; it has been granted its temporary certificate of occupancy by the Department of Buildings and is on its way to scheduling closings, if nothing else gets in its way.

The Cost of Privacy: Getting Lower By The Day, At Least At New Upper East Side Condo Isis

ISIS in the Upper East SideUniqueness is not something most people seek in Upper East Side luxury condos, or at least it's pretty far below luxurious amenities, spacious floor plans, an Upper East Side location and a bunch of other factors. But of all the things that an Upper East Side condo listing can make itself unique, Isis, a new construction condo at 303 East 77th Street, picked a pretty savvy one. By building just 32 condominiums across its 17 floors, Isis made itself one of the most private condominium listings on the Upper East Side. As distinguishing marks go, a spacious condo without a ton of neighbors works pretty well. Now, though, Isis has another unique attribute to its name: where other luxury condos are confidently raising prices, as we reported last week, Curbed reports that Isis is cutting prices dramatically, for the second time since February.

Apthorp Chronicles Continued: Given Green Light On Condo Conversion, Pre-War Luxury Condo Promptly Hikes Prices

The Apthorp in Manhattan Your New Construction Manhattan blogger is human, dear reader, which means that every now and then your New Construction Manhattan blogger is laid-up by vicious allergies and misses a day or two of posting. This is something that happens even to non-bloggers -- although our constitutions are admittedly frailer than most -- but in the hyperspeed world of Manhattan real estate, a day or so off means three or so days behind. Thus the post that we were too busy sneezing to make -- which announced that Upper West Side pre-war condo conversion The Apthorp, the Pitti Palace-inspired condo at 390 West End Avenue, had been approved by the State AG for condominium conversion -- has now become two posts in one.

Down From The (Tribeca) Summit: Tribeca Luxury Condo Conversion Cuts Prices

The Summit in TribecaWe've written before about Tribeca Summit at the New Construction Manhattan blog. The pre-war luxury condo conversion at 415 Greenwich Street in Tribeca has -- despite its exceptional promise and striking pre-war looks -- had a rough go of it in terms of squabbling developers and other brand-tarnishing Manhattan real estate mishaps. While the apartments for sale at Tribeca Summit remain very attractive in their own right and the property remains among the most appealing condo listings in Tribeca, the soft market and hard-to-watch developer squabbles dictated that something had to give. And so it has: Curbed reports that list prices on condos at Tribeca Summit have come down some 20 percent of late. What does this mean?

No Smoking Please: Scare at Chelsea Green Condo HL23 Turns Out To Be All Smoke, No Fire

SmokeWe haven't written about LEED Gold Chelsea condo HL23 that often here at New Construction Manhattan, and that's totally our fault. Both relative to other condos for sale in Chelsea and other green condos for sale in Manhattan, HL23 is a really impressive NYC condo -- both better-looking and greener than its competition in Chelsea and among Manhattan's other green apartments, respectively. If it seems like we're kind of amping it up about HL23 right now, um, that is probably true. But it's one of our favorite green condo listings at NCM and... well, for awhile back there we were worried that we might've lost it. But it turns out that what looked like a serious fire at HL23 this weekend was all smoke and no fire, Curbed reports.

Architecture Critic Gardner: High Marks For High Line-Hugging Condo at 456 West 19th Street in Chelsea

456 W19th Street in ChelseaThere's no shortage of luxury condo listings in Chelsea, of course. There's not really a shortage of luxury condo listings anywhere in Manhattan, actually, but a burst of new construction condo development in Chelsea during the Manhattan real estate boom at the end of the last decade led to the rise of a bunch of new condos around The High Line. While most people who care about Manhattan real estate or follow the goings-on in the world of NYC condos know about the big-ticket new condos in Chelsea -- your Nouvel, your HL23, your Chelsea Stratus -- the low-rise luxury condo at 456 West 19th Street kind of snuck in under the radar. Even the name of that luxury condo -- which is, yes, 456 West 19th Street -- speaks to its low-key style, but 456 West 19th Street's understatedly graceful architectural look wins it high praise from The Real Deal's architecture critic, James Gardner.