Buying NYC Apartments: To buy from the pros, or from Craigslist?

listCraigslist is a great place to get rid of an old microwave. But how does it fare as a source of good real estate deals? The Observer presents a smattering of Craigslist Lies People Tell: The Upper East Side Is Hip and This Studios Is $100. You might be shocked to learn this, but Craigslist sellers can sometimes come across as slightly less than reputable:

Bargain hunting? Perhaps you would be interested in a “$100 COZY STUDIO IN LOVELY TOWNHOUSE ON BEST BLOCK IN TOWN.” But—the fine print: “Available for a $100 per night for a minuim [sic] of a one month stay.” This sounds suspiciously like a $3,100 studio. Although February, hypothetically, could be yours for a mere $2,800.

Our conclusion? Take advantage of a professional broker when it's time to buy. A condo, that is. What about Craigslist? Well, your new condo isn't gonna find decorations on its own. Save yourself a headache... Contact New Construction Manhattan right away!

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