Greenwich Village: New York's Best Place to Own a Home?

Owning a home in Greenwich VillageA report from New York University’s Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, which ranks New York neighborhoods in fifty critical categories, finds Greenwich Village ranks #1 in the following:

  • median household income
  • median age of housing stock
  • percentage of units located within a half-mile of a subway entrance
  • most units in a historic district
  • fewest foreclosures per 1,000 properties

The Village also ranked within the top three neighborhoods for categories like these:

  • lowest mean time for residents traveling to work
  • highest rate of households with children under 18
  • lowest unemployment rate

Pretty impressive. We've always known Greenwich Village is a great place to live, and these results are tough to argue with. Interested in taking a gander at some Greenwich Village homes for sale? Source: Ranking the Village from The Villager

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