High Line Video History, High Line Article Roundup, & Apartments Near the High Line

historyThe High Line's first few weeks are behind us. Let's check in on the reaction across the city (and world!).

  1. A 4-minute history of the High Line, from its railway past to its reinvention. In case you missed a few things that happened back in 1940 or so.
    • New York City’s High Line, a park built from industrial ruins via ABC7: "A high percentage of the grasses, trees, and blooming plants here are native species, which are attended to by some very happy-looking gardeners ... Those planted areas, which are feathered into and around concrete paths throughout the park, perform a valuable role when it comes to rain. The High Line 'functions essentially like the City’s largest green roof,' [spokesperson Katie] Lorah says."
    • The High Line: Think, Reuse, Grow Up via the Huffington Post: "When the High Line opened to the public a day early on June 8th, I didn't know how excited I was until I started to climb its steps..."
    • High Line Stories, short films featuring Kevin Bacon and other notables, via Sundance Channel.
    • What The High Line's Success Can Teach Us via City Limits: "Saving the High Line and opening it for everyone not only promised personal pleasure, but the opportunity to build something together. You could get in on the ground floor of a community playground for the world. Today my original question, what is that? – has been answered: A dream realized. I went up there, and it’s incredible."
    • Manhattan's High Line Park Does Not Disappoint (plus two-minute video) via the WSJ: "The city should seriously consider what went so right with this project and do it more often."
    • Meandering along Manhattan's new High Line in a New York state of mind via the Examiner: a practical guide to nearby restaurants, picnic supply resources, and restaurants.
    • Here's a unique take: Metal Given New Life in High Line Park via the all-too-rarely quoted Metal Miner.
    • The new Central Park via the Telegraph: extremely brief article. We just liked the title!
    • Changing Skyline: Reinventing a Railroad via the Philly Inquirer: "Traditionally, city parks have been envisioned as serene enclosures, cocooning us from the hubbub of urban life. The new High Line park does the opposite: It provides a viewing platform to take in the theater of the street."
    • And, lastly... Standard Hotel's Peep Show via Curbed: The High Line provides great views of New York City. Apparently, one part of the High Line provides great views of New Yorkers. Do with that what you will.
  2. Apartments for sale near the High Line via, well, us of course!

Pretty great stuff, right? Have you visited the High Line yet? What did you think?

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