Homes for Sale in New Hudson Hill Condo (As seen in the NY Times)

New condo sales in Hudson HillYou may have read this piece in the Times about Manhattan apartments that've been selling well lately. Why not take a look at apartments still available in one of the buildings mentioned, Hudson Hill Condominium? As the Times puts it...

Last week, the scaffolding that had hidden the facade of the Hudson Hill condominium on West 58th Street, near 10th Avenue, was taken down. At the same time Kenneth S. Horn, the president of Alchemy Properties, the developer, cut the asking prices on the 67 apartments by an average of 18 percent, to $1,063 per square foot from $1,300 per square foot. He said that as word of the cuts spread, nine deals were quickly negotiated, and the first five contracts went out late last week.

Great deal, great location (shopping, Central Park, subway, and more), great building--what's not to love? Might be a good idea to act fast. Click here to have us contact you about properties in this building, or ask us anything else you like.

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