The Going Got Tough... Smart Buyers Are Going for Green Condos

It's easy to philosophize about how good it is to go Green, both for the environment and for your investment portfolio. But let's get down to business. Let's look at some cold hard data on why Green is great, especially in a recession. (Click for an overview of owning an apartment in a Green building).

  • Have you seen the Green Building Market Barometer's survey of 754 real estate executives? 3/4 of execs--from brokers to engineers--believe in Green, recession or otherwise.
  • A whopping 83% even call themselves very likely to try and get new buildings worthy of meeting LEED standards. Why? Read on...
  • Execs in the same survey cited better health, higher ROI, lower energy costs, higher building value, and several other big-time benefits of Green buildings.
  • Let's hear from the other side of the deal... consumers like you. How about checking the The Green Home Consumer? Here's a nugget: a shoddy real estate market means 70% of buyers are more likely to seek out a Green home. Why? Lasting efficiency, for one. Getting Green means getting lean. Not lean like skinny, either. (Plus, think about this from the investment angle... Green buildings are only gonna get more popular...)
  • OK, owning a Green apartment is a nice luxury and all, but what about regular Joes and Jills? Guess what... 78% of people earning less than $50K a year greatly prefer Green in mean times. Surprising? Proves smart investment savvy can be found at any income level.

Inspiring? We think so. While Green building are on your mind, be sure to check out all the Green condos in New York City we have for sale.

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