24-Hour Doorman Service: From NYC Condo Amenity To Source of Real Estate Anxiety... and Back To Being a NYC Condo Amenity

Doorman for a luxury apartment building in manhattanThe possibility of a doorman strike at Manhattan co-ops and condominiums is the sort of thing that surfaces every couple of years, scares the bejeesus out of Manhattan real estate folks for a little while, and then works itself out. And in a few months, that will be how people remember the Almost-Happened Doorman Strike of 2010.The difference, this time, was that it really did almost happen -- the SEIU, which represents doormen, reached an agreement with building owners at 2:41am on Wednesday, a couple of hours past the initial deadline for a strike. And so ended a tense moment in which doorman service went from being a valuable amenity at luxury condo listings in Manhattan to striking fear in the hearts of Manhattan real estate observers to... being a valuable amenity at luxury condo listings in Manhattan again. Among those breathing a sigh of relief at the news: real estate brokers who would have had to reschedule showings and open houses at Manhattan condos, people who live in NYC condos, and the doormen themselves, who secured a four-year contract with a solid pay raise and were able to keep their health care benefits. Sighing for a different reason: building owners, who will certainly survive.

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