Apthorp Chronicles Continued: Given Green Light On Condo Conversion, Pre-War Luxury Condo Promptly Hikes Prices

The Apthorp in Manhattan Your New Construction Manhattan blogger is human, dear reader, which means that every now and then your New Construction Manhattan blogger is laid-up by vicious allergies and misses a day or two of posting. This is something that happens even to non-bloggers -- although our constitutions are admittedly frailer than most -- but in the hyperspeed world of Manhattan real estate, a day or so off means three or so days behind. Thus the post that we were too busy sneezing to make -- which announced that Upper West Side pre-war condo conversion The Apthorp, the Pitti Palace-inspired condo at 390 West End Avenue, had been approved by the State AG for condominium conversion -- has now become two posts in one.Great value for you, same old sinus headache for us. That's because, a day after the good news about The Apthorp, the people behind The Apthorp promptly jacked up the prices by more than 8 percent on more than half of the condo listings at the Upper West Side beauty. It's enough to make you wish you'd stayed in bed, especially if you were looking for a condo on the Upper West Side. Or, say, if you were still feeling really crappy due to allergies. We've been following The Apthorp pretty closely, primarily because it's one of the more interesting new pre-war condos on the Upper West Side, but also because it been so darned tricky, troublesome and interesting a condo listing. While the State AG's approval -- and a rebounding Manhattan real estate market -- should guarantee fairly smooth sailing for The Apthorp from here on out. But if history is any guide, we haven't heard the last bit of interesting news about this most interesting of Upper West Side condominiums just yet.

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