Apthorp Chronicles: The War Over The Upper West Side Pre-War Condo at 390 West End Avenue

the apthorp pre-war condoEven among the many pre-war condo listings on the Upper West Side, The Apthorp stands out for its impressive pedigree. The building, at 390 West End Avenue, was built by William Waldorf Astor in 1908, and was modeled after the famed Pitti Palace in Florence, Italy. That doesn't exactly bespeak modesty, but a recent restoration has highlighted just how grand (and occasionally grandiose) Astor's vision for The Apthorp actually was. The building itself is stunning, and one of the most impressive pre-war condos in Manhattan. But while The Apthorp is a great building, it has yet to take off as a star NYC condo listing because of the ongoing tussle over that ambitious restoration.Now, The Real Deal reports, New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has entered the mix. And no, he's not looking to buy a condo. "Cuomo's office has investigated the property since September 2009, when investor Lev Leviev's Africa Israel and the Feil Organization submitted a list of 36 contracted buyers who critics allege are largely inside business associates or relatives of the developers," The Real Deal's David Jones writes. "Legal sources told The Real Deal that Cuomo's office has previously conducted extensive reviews of these buyers, including sworn interviews, to determine whether these buyers were procured through a transparent process or signed sham contracts to help pump up sales figures for the developer." We'll keep an eye on this, obviously. We really like The Apthorp, and would really like to see it get what it deserves -- namely, controversy-free recognition as one of Manhattan's premier pre-war condo listings.

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