Architecture Critic Gardner: High Marks For High Line-Hugging Condo at 456 West 19th Street in Chelsea

456 W19th Street in ChelseaThere's no shortage of luxury condo listings in Chelsea, of course. There's not really a shortage of luxury condo listings anywhere in Manhattan, actually, but a burst of new construction condo development in Chelsea during the Manhattan real estate boom at the end of the last decade led to the rise of a bunch of new condos around The High Line. While most people who care about Manhattan real estate or follow the goings-on in the world of NYC condos know about the big-ticket new condos in Chelsea -- your Nouvel, your HL23, your Chelsea Stratus -- the low-rise luxury condo at 456 West 19th Street kind of snuck in under the radar. Even the name of that luxury condo -- which is, yes, 456 West 19th Street -- speaks to its low-key style, but 456 West 19th Street's understatedly graceful architectural look wins it high praise from The Real Deal's architecture critic, James Gardner.In a neighborhood saturated with high-end condominiums designed by big-name architects, 456 West 19th Street's determination to blend gracefully and stylishly in with its environs might have been the boldest choice of all. "What stands out about the building is its infallible sense of proportion," Gardner writes. "The building is comprised of 22 duplex condo units within its eight-story cubic base and four-story setback, recalling the typology, if not the design, of such artist-run studio buildings of an earlier era...What is so impressive about the results is the sense of respect that the architect has for artistic precedent and for the historical texture of Chelsea itself, all the while being able to reawaken in the stale idiom of early modernism an unexpected richness and inventiveness." Good stuff, but also -- and you already know this if you read Gardner often, which you should -- as close to a rave as he gets where luxury condominiums in Chelsea are concerned. Three cheers for understatement, then! Or... maybe two cheers is more appropriate?

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