Green Light: Ultra-Green Village Green Condos in East Village Looking Like A Winner

Green building in the East VillageNew construction condominium buildings are something of a rarity in the East Village, and good news about New York City real estate has been equally scarce of late. All of which makes it that much more impressive that Village Green, an ultra-sustainable new construction condo on East 11th Street in the East Village, is looking more and more like a true success story.Few NYC condos are as green as those at Village Green, which is pursuing LEED Gold status, but the clip at which these condos have been moving might be even more impressive. Although the relative dearth of full-service condos in the East Village helps Village Green stand out, the super-green features on offer at Village Green put it at the head of NYC condos' green class, neighborhood notwithstanding. More to the point, though, few condominium listings in Manhattan -- green or otherwise -- have been as successful of late as Village Green. An impressive 23 of Village Green's 36 units are in contract at present, Curbed reports. Success stories are always nice -- it's why they call them success stories -- but seeing a green condominium building like Village Green making it feels doubly good.

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