NCM Building Review: Cheers For Riverhouse’s New Management, Green Living Environment, Lovelyl Views, and Luxurious Condos

battery park from a helicopter Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in The City, but be able to avoid the hustle and bustle that goes on outside of most New York City apartment buildings? Sounds good, does it not? Living in Battery Park City would take that ridiculous imagination of yours and turn your dreams into reality. The Riverhouse (in Battery Park), under new ownership since March, adds some umph to New York City living. The Riverhouse’s amenities are great. With a lap pool, children’s playroom, outdoor terrace and park, yoga studio, billiard’s room, media café, and fitness center, this Battery Park City apartment building fulfills the needs of all of its residents. Rockefeller Park--which is right in the Riverhouse’s backyard--provides residents with a great area to spend time outside, watch ferries go by on the Hudson River, go for a run, or bring the kids to one of several play areas. It would be difficult to find a more relaxing New York City neighborhood. The Riverhouse’s most amazing amenity, by far, is it’s backyard. The Hudson River runs just steps from the building and many Riverhouse apartments have a stunning river view of the Statue of Liberty and Midtown Skyline. Also within steps of the Riverhouse are Rockefeller Park and Teardrop Park--beautiful parks that are perfect to visit with children and family. The Riverhouse is also home to three non-for-profit organizations: a branch of the New York Public Library, Poet’s House, and Mercy Corps. What makes this building even better is it’s attention to the “go green” movement; it is LEED certified. The Riverhouse converts sunlight into energy and collects rain water that is later reused for irrigation, cooling tower water, and other things. Both of these go green efforts are done through special features on the rooftop of the Riverhouse. When these NYC condos were decorated, low-pollutant paints, adhesives, and sealants were used on the floors and walls. About 20% of the building was made out of recycled materials and over 75% of the construction waste generated from this project was also recycled. Air and water are filtered twice before being brought into Riverhouse apartments--giving Poland Springs a run for their money--and hallway and lounge area lights turn on only when they sense movement in order to conserve energy. The building was designed to take advantage of natural lighting to try and reduce the amount of electricity used each day. The Riverhouse uniquely mixes going green with luxury, creating a new combination that all New York City apartment buildings should aim for. Since going under new management in March, the Riverhouse team has gotten themselves back on track and offers many spacious, modern condos with state-of-the-art appliances to those looking to move into Battery Park City. Most prices for these luxury apartments were lowered slightly and since taking over, the new management has made more than seven deals, with many others in contract. The Battery Park City Authority must be happy that the Riverhouse management has turned their bit of bad luck around since more than 75% of the 264 units in the building are sold or under contract. But do not fret, whether you are looking for a 1, 2, 3, or 4-bedroom apartment, there are still several condos available at the Riverhouse. So, it boils down to this: if you do not want an apartment that is green, beautiful, spacious and modern, and full of amenities, then don’t look to the Riverhouse during your apartment hunt. And make sure to add “magnificent Hudson River view” to that list of things you do not want in a New York City apartment while you are at it.

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