New Construction Manhattan Approval Corner: The Contest That Looks To Improve Beautiful NYC Condos With Ugly Lobbies

nycThe New Construction Manhattan blog is, you know, a blog. And while we spend most of our time trying to bring you important news about Manhattan real estate and NYC condos -- and links to New Construction Manhattan's condo listings, of course -- every now and then we reserve the right to get a little bloggy when the time is right. The announcement of a hilariously well-conceived new contest in which interior design firm BC Exchange that promises to identify and overhaul the ugliest lobby in a Manhattan condominium or co-op is one of those moments that cries out for blogginess.Because man is this just ever a great idea. Obvious, we see a lot of Manhattan condominiums -- pre-war condos and green condos and new construction condos and so forth -- here at New Construction Manhattan, which means that we see pictures of a lot of lobbies. And so we can say with some confidence that there are a lot of condo listings in Manhattan that are not being done any great service by lobbies that are alternately ramshackle or ghoulishly modern. The saddest part about this contest is that only one Manhattan condo building can win. The best part is that it's really happening. For more information on the Ugly Lobby contest, check out (Again, seriously)

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