No Smoking Please: Scare at Chelsea Green Condo HL23 Turns Out To Be All Smoke, No Fire

SmokeWe haven't written about LEED Gold Chelsea condo HL23 that often here at New Construction Manhattan, and that's totally our fault. Both relative to other condos for sale in Chelsea and other green condos for sale in Manhattan, HL23 is a really impressive NYC condo -- both better-looking and greener than its competition in Chelsea and among Manhattan's other green apartments, respectively. If it seems like we're kind of amping it up about HL23 right now, um, that is probably true. But it's one of our favorite green condo listings at NCM and... well, for awhile back there we were worried that we might've lost it. But it turns out that what looked like a serious fire at HL23 this weekend was all smoke and no fire, Curbed reports."According to a building rep, a tool charger left plugged in at the site sparked, and apparently kept sparking, causing a whole lot of smoke but no fire," Curbed's Joey Arak writes. "This happened right before a bunch of stuff that could have been affected by the smoke—finishes, floors, etc.—got installed. There was no damage to the building beyond the emotional toll of going the next five years wondering what, or who, the black smoke really is." That's right, we're outsourcing the quips in this post. The thought of HL23 disturbed us that much.

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