Nouvel Vogue: Jean Nouvel's Luxury Condo at 100 Eleventh Avenue Gets Raves From New York Times

100 Eleventh Avenue in ChelseaThe architectural renderings alone on Nouvel, Jean Nouvel's luxury condominium at 100 Eleventh Avenue in Chelsea, were enough to get Manhattan architecture buffs excited. But as impressive as Nouvel's design for, um, Nouvel was, the actual condo itself proved far superior. One of the elite luxury condo listings in both Chelsea and all of Manhattan, Nouvel got some much-deserved love from New York Times architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff in Sunday's paper. Should this matter to you if you're looking for a new condominium in Manhattan?That depends on whether or not you like things that are awesome. Look, objectivity is obviously not our strong suit when it comes to certain buildings, but Nouvel is just an amazing building, and stands out even when viewed among the many other excellent luxury condominiums in Chelsea. The condos for sale at Nouvel are every bit as elegant as the building itself is striking, the amenities are all that you'd expect and... well, let's let Ouroussoff say it. "The building’s rough-edged sex appeal may actually overshadow what’s best about the project, the remarkable skill with which Mr. Nouvel embeds it into its surroundings," Ouroussoff writes. "Rising on the brief stretch of 11th Avenue that doubles as the West Side Highway, directly across the street from the billowing glass forms of Frank Gehry’s IAC building and abutting a somber brick women’s prison on the other side, the tower is part of a taut composition of disparate — even conflicting — urban realities." Okay, all that may be a little highfalutin' considering the usual stuff here at the New Construction Manhattan blog. But Nouvel is no ordinary building, so let's excuse some architecture-critic excess just this once, shall we?

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