Strongly Approved: Naming Names on Manhattan's FHA-Approved Condominium Listings

FHA-approved Manhattan CondominiumsIt's a good question, and a natural follow-up -- after our recent post on the marketing appeal of Manhattan condos that have received Federal Housing Administration approval, readers emailed us asking which Manhattan apartments these might be, and where they could find a listing thereof. Again, a totally natural question -- and, oddly, one of the few things you can't find using New Construction Manhattan's advanced search function. Not to worry, though. We've got you covered here, too -- read on.

Of course, FHA Approval being a government thing, it's not the easiest bit of information to find out. But given the appeal of FHA-approved condos -- if we may quote ourselves, "FHA-approved condos offer special and extra-appealing benefits for apartment hunters, but they also offer the added reassurance that the FHA-approved condo building in question is a safe investment, and one on good financial footing" -- it's worth the hunt. To find a listing of Manhattan's FHA-approved condos, simply click here and narrow your search to find a list of Manhattan's HUD- and FHA-approved condominiums. And keep checking back in with the New Construction Manhattan blog, where we'll be doing profiles on select FHA-approved condominiums in our Manhattan condo listing database.

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