Sweet Liberty: Liberty Luxe and Liberty Green Shaping Up As Stunning (And Green!) Success Story In Battery Park City

GreenIt's not a secret, but we don't make a big deal of it -- new Manhattan condo listings go up onto New Construction Manhattan every couple of days, every week. You'll find them if you're doing a search for apartment listings in a particular Manhattan neighborhood, but you generally won't find them here at the New Construction Manhattan blog. We're about covering Manhattan Condominiums, at least notionally, as opposed to specific Manhattan condominiums. (Although you don't have to go far to find information on NYC condos, obviously) So why are we making an exception for Liberty Luxe and Liberty Green, a pair of new condo listings in Battery Park City? Because this pair of new green condominiums are that exceptional. Liberty Luxe and Liberty Green aren't the first green condo listings to call Battery Park City home. Both in terms of the sprawling lawns and parks that define Battery Park City's aesthetic and the super-green condominiums already in the neighborhood, Battery Park City is one of Manhattan's greenest neighborhoods.But the pair of new green condominiums, which have risen alongside super-green Battery Park City neighbors The Visionaire and The Riverhouse on Battery Park City's North End Avenue, are notable all the same. That's in part because of their LEED Gold certification, which puts them squarely among the greenest condo buildings in the Northeast. What really sets Liberty Luxe and Liberty Green apart, though, is the elegant way in which they offer further proof that green condo buildings can be luxurious condo buildings. They're as green as can be, but this matched pair of Milstein Company developments offer everything New Yorkers expect from new construction Manhattan condominiums. There are a few superficial differences between the two -- if you need help telling them apart, Liberty Luxe is the one with the rooftop pool -- but what's striking about Liberty Luxe and Liberty Green is how similar they are. Both were built to the same high energy efficiency standards, and are served by state-of-the-art building management systems, and the apartments for sale in both offer similar spacious, high-ceilinged dimensions and artfully chosen (and, of course, sustainable) finishes and fixtures. The floor plans are different, naturally, but the Hudson River views, amenities and dedication to sustainability are the same at Liberty Luxe and Liberty Green. Which, in turn, is what makes them different from just about any other Manhattan condo listing out there.

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