Things That Make Sense: Fewer Interest-Only Mortgages Out There. (Thank Goodness)

Interest Only Mortgages Of all the ridiculous ideas that precipitated what people are apparently calling The Great Recession, junk mortgages -- "subprime" is somehow too kind a word, here -- have to rank among the worst. Real estate in general, and New York apartments and condominiums in particular, have long ranked among the smartest and safest investments out there, but the rise and sad popularity of junk mortgages such as "interest-only" mortgages during the real estate boom did much to unmake that. Sure, the right NYC condo is still a terrific investment, but the market in general was damaged seriously by all the homes and apartments (generally not in New York City, of course) that were sold to people via frankly crappy means such as interest-only mortgages.So it is with great pleasure that we read this New York Times article about the decline of the interest-only mortgage. That sound you hear is the New Construction Manhattan blog applauding. The good news is that if you've found New Construction Manhattan, you're probably not going to be suckered into a junk mortgage on your NYC condo or apartment. This is not just because you're smart -- although of course you are, and also you look great today and should always wear your hair like that -- but because working with people you can trust is the easiest way to avoid a mortgage that winds up turning your Manhattan condominium into a royal albatross around your neck. The fun part of finding a condominium in Manhattan is, obviously, perusing Manhattan condo listings and visiting said Manhattan condos, but the New Construction Manhattan Buyer's Guide is a must-read before you embark on this process. With New Construction Manhattan's network of trustworthy real estate agents (and approved mortgage brokers), you'll get the best possible price on your NYC apartment, but you'll also get pointed in the right direction, financing-wise. Which, if you haven't guessed, is away from such huckster-y poison as interest-only mortgages.

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