Trump SoHo Set To Open, Trumps Remain America's Number One Resource for Grandiosity, Monied Goofiness

Trump Soho CondominiumsAh, the Trumps. If you were to ask them -- or ask that older, most-orange Trump with the cotton candy hair -- to describe themselves, they'd probably go with something along the lines of "American Aristocracy" or "New York City Real Estate Royalty" or "Manhattan Real Estate Maestros." And while that wouldn't be false, necessarily, it would also be hilarious. This is the paradox of the Trumps: as impressive as their achievements in New York City real estate have been -- and with a few exceptions, that's "fairly impressive" -- the hilarious grandiosity of the Trump brand always manages to make it look faintly ridiculous. Thus the confusion over the impending opening of Trump SoHo, the luxury condominium/luxury hotel development that the Trumps have been working on for years. On the one hand, it's a pretty impressive new condominium. On the other hand: LOL.

Like other hotel-style condos/condominium hotels -- our favorite is The Residences at The Mandarin Oriental -- the Trump SoHo's suite of amenities is jaw-dropping. And bringing in The Rockwell Group to do the interiors for the Trump SoHo condominiums is an example of extravagance with a purpose. But it's still tough to escape the faint whiff of ridiculousness that trails all things Trump, here -- if it's possible, this might be the luxury condo listing that's a bit too luxurious.

Check the pictures of Trump SoHo out for yourself at the Daily News or Curbed and draw your own conclusions. But if this New York Times interview with Donald Trump Jr. is any indication, we'll have plenty more amusing grandiosity -- and perhaps a few extraordinary condominium listings -- from the Trumps in years to come. They might not call themselves this, but the Trumps truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

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