(Madison Square) Garden Apartment: Carmelo Anthony's Apartment Search Brings Him To The Upper West Side

Three, two, one… that’s how long it takes for freshly signed New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony to win a basketball game. But while Melo's a great talent, all those big buckets came thanks to a lot of practice. Carmelo Anthony's Upper West Side apartment searchThat work ethic should serve Melo well during his NYC condo search, since finding the right apartment in New York City takes a lot of effort as well -- whether you're Carmelo Anthony or someone shorter and less famous trying to find the right condominium in Manhattan. When he's not making shots for his employers, the Knicks’ new superstar -- and wife Alani "La La" Vazquez -- are tirelessly scoping out places in Manhattan. And although the New York Knicks have made a huge investment in the former Nugget all-star, Anthony is apparently not ready to invest in New York real estate and was originally searching for a rental apartment in a downtown condominium -- something in the, um, $30,000 a month range. What, it’s not that much if you're getting paid like he is. Now, though, Melo's sites have shifted uptown, and he has reportedly identified two all-star Upper West Side condo listings as his new top choices.

Fans, don’t read too much into the fact that Melo is planning to be a renter and not a buyer. Fellow Knick Amar’e Stoudemire is renting an apartment in a West Village condominium to the tune of $35,000 per month. (As we wrote last month, Melo also has excellent taste, and was scoping out rentals in the big-ticket Soho condominium Soho Mews, as well as the smaller condo 158 Mercer) It's safe to say that Melo has options, and the four-time all-star is exploring them. Melo's most recent front-runners are both on the Upper West Side: The Rushmore and The Aldyn. It's a nice choice to have to make, frankly. Let’s for a second try to imagine what Melo and his family are dealing with here.

The Rushmore is a condominium building on the Upper West Side but also something of a world unto itself. Located at 80 Riverside Boulevard, the building is on one of UWS’s defining thoroughfares and has an ideal location next to the green expanses of Riverside Park. Private theaters and billiard rooms, a host of on-site concierges offer residents a level of hand-and-foot service that has more in common with a luxury hotel than an Upper West Side condo. The Rushmore is family friendly and has an indoor playground as well as a baby-sitting service; which is good because Melo and Lala have a 3-year-old son, Kiyan. Oh, and Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez just bought an apartment at The Rushmore, as well. So there's that.

And then there's The Aldyn, which should also appeal to Anthony and his family. This 286-unit UWS condo overlooks the Hudson River and boasts one of the city’s largest residential athletic clubs. The amenities and services are endless: yoga, Pilates, personal training and Kinesis rooms, 75-foot swimming pool, 38’ rock climbing wall, full-size squash and basketball courts (Melo’s going to love that), a bowling alley and golf simulator.

So, which way will he go? It's hard to say, although we'll surely be following it, since we are pretty into both the Knicks and NYC condominiums for sale here at New Construction Manhattan. Sure, Melo and his family might end up renting a place at The Rushmore or The Aldyn, which is basically a win-win situation. But, folks, we all thought that Anthony was going to the New Jersey Nets. So the apartment search is not over until is over.